TTC Journey

After trying to start a family for several years on our own, we decided to seek help...

7/26/12 - Annual pap smear =All clear. Get an order from the doctor to have a mammogram done due to family history (sister found a lump at 30 years old).
7/30/12 - Mammogram = All clear
8/14/12 - Appointment with OBGYN. She orders blood work and Hysterosalpinogram for me and semen analysis for Mike.
8/17/12 - Mike goes in for semen anaylsis #1 = low sperm count and motility. Doctor orders 1 more semen analysis.
8/24/12 - Blood work = Shows that I am not ovulating regularly.
8/30/12 - Hysterosalpingogram = All clear
11/2/12 - Mike finally makes it in for semen analysis #2 = low sperm count and motility. Doctor refers us to a fertility clinic.
12/14/12 - Appointment with nurse practitioner at Chicago-IVF = Too late to start this cycle. Decide to start IUI's next month.

1/25/13 - After 50mg of Clomid and add back 100 mg of Clomid - IUI #1 = BFN
2/22/13 - After 150mg of Clomid - IUI #2 = BFN
3/27/13 - After 150 mg of Clomid and add back 150 mg of Clomid - IUI #3 =BFN
4/29/13 - Met with RE. Decided to try Follistim for a month and then schedule a  laparoscopy and hysteroscopy.
5/20/13 - After 12 days of 75-100 units of Follistim - IUI #4 =BFN
6/26/13 - Laparoscopy, Hysteroscopy, and D&C - Doctor cleaned out some endometriosis (stage 1).
8/19/13 - After 9 days of 100 units of Follistim injections, the RE cancelled my IUI. We had 6 mature follicles, which was too high of a chance of multiples.
8/28/13 - AF showed up the day before. Went in for blood work and an ultrasound. Follicles are still there. Cycle cancelled again. Nurse sets me up with an appointment with RE to talk about going straight into IVF instead of having all of these cancelled cycles.
9/5/13 - Mike has an ultrasound done to verify that he does have varicocele.
9/16/13 - Appointment with RE to discuss IVF.
10/21/13 - After 200 units down to 175 units of Follistim and Ganirelix injections, we have the egg retrieval and have 10 mature eggs to fertilize.
10/26/13 - Embryo Transfer x2
11/4/13 - IVF #1 = BFN
11/25/13 - Appointment scheduled with RE to discuss FET. Doctor orders me to get a saline sonogram.
11/26/13 -Saline sonogram shows polyps. Need to have a Hysteroscopy procedure done.
12/4/13 - Hysteroscopy- Doctor cleaned out polyps.
12/6/13 - Mike had a varicoelectomy.

1/29/14 - Frozen Embryo Transfer x2
2/10/14 - FET #1 =BFN
7/21/14 - After 225 units down to 175 units of Gonal-F injections, we have the egg retrieval and have 17 mature eggs to fertilize.
7/26/14 - Embryo Transfer x3
8/6/14 -  IVF #2 = BFP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


lo @ crazy ever after said...

We have an almost identical timeline. We are dealing with male factor infertility (low count and poor morph). We started seeing an RE in 8/12, saw urologist for husband in 9/12, and have had five failed IUIs from 11/12-9/13. We desperately want to move onto IVF, but don't have the finances to do so. I noticed you're in Illinois. Are you covered to do IVF under your state mandated coverage for IVF? We are in Minnesota. No state mandate here. Our IUIs have been covered at 90%, though. We have a sixth one still covered by insurance and are hoping it's our lucky cycle. It was nice finding your blog. Hope we can be a support to one another during this crappy journey we both find ourselves on.

Ashley Sanderson said...

I love that your transfer was on Raegan's birthday! :)

ChickinNH said...

We also have a similar IF timeline: started trying summer of 2012, treatments trough fall of 2013 then moved on to IVF Oct/Nov of that year. And now we both have sons that are almost 6mos old :-) I'm looking forward to following your blog!