Saturday, March 31, 2018

And I Thought This Year Was Going to Be a Great Year....

Hello, all! So much has been going on since I posted last (almost 4 months ago)! 
On December 27th, we closed on our beautiful home! We are officially Hoosiers! We even both passed the hard Indiana drivers license tests the first time! Woot-woot! I was scared to death to take that test! Here is the (almost) finished product of our home!

We are loving it! Unfortunately we did not get our concrete for our driveway/sidewalks AND our sod in the front and seed in the back yet. At least Jordan can enjoy digging in our front yard for now. 

He is going to be very upset when the sod is laid down. Our general contractor said not to expect sod/seed until around June 1st. 

On March 23rd, we had to say "see you later" to our Roxy girl.

She was 11 (almost 12). We got her when we moved into our first home together (the year we got married, 2006). She had dropped a ton of weight the last couple months. We took her in hoping that it was something simple that we could get past (like maybe she stopped eating because her teeth were bothering her). It ended up that she had a cancerous tumor on her spleen. If it had ruptured, then she would have internally bled to death. We decided to go ahead and put her down that night. We never would have wanted her to suffer. I feel awful though because we left the house with her suddenly (expecting to bring her back) and her brother, Mackey, didn't even get to say goodbye (not that he would've known or understood). It's been over a week and he still looks for her every time we come home. It breaks my heart. On top of that, Jordan keeps asking about her. He's doing it less and less though. I told him that she went to heaven and that when people and animals go to heaven, then they cannot come back. He says he's sad about her. I don't know if he quite understands that he isn't going to see her again.

After that, I was able to convince Mike to go away for a couple days since I am on spring break and he was planning on taking a couple days off to do something with us. Jordan and I picked him up from work on Wednesday and we drove to Wisconsin Dells and stayed the night at a simple water park resort. Since we booked last minute, the options were limited and we weren't about to spend $370 a night at Kalahari. Where we went was perfect for a child his age. Wednesday night we stopped at Taco Bell and then went to the resort, checked in, and went swimming. Thursday morning we went on a Duck boat, then to eat at Buffalo Phil's (where trains delivered our food), next door to Knuckleheads (gaming place), back to the resort for a nap, swimming again, and then to Bobber's (Caribbean feel) for dinner. Friday morning we woke up and checked out around 9:30am and went on our way home. Here are some pictures from our short getaway.

I am not ready to go back to work in three days. How many days until summer break?! :/