Thursday, July 13, 2017

Our Summer Thus Far

I can't believe how crazy it's been this summer. We finally closed on our house on June 22nd and moved into my MIL's house (she moved permanently into her other house). We have SO. MUCH. STUFF. Most of it is packed away still since we will have another move in the near future. So, last that I mentioned, Mike and I had decided that we were going to build. Well, that was the plan and then Mike started changing his mind. We started looking at older houses. One day we went to look at 3 houses. We started our day driving through the neighborhood of the newer houses. Then we met up with the realtor to look at the 3 houses that we were interested in. He fell in love with a house built in 1963. It was very nicely remodeled inside, but I wasn't sold. Older houses come with more problems. You could see that they had started to replace the windows, the roof looked older, there was no parking in the street, and only one car width going up the driveway until you got to the 2 car garage. He seemed like he was sold and we were thinking about putting in an offer. After we looked at that house, we drove through the new neighborhood again. We both realized that NOTHING compared to the new build. For the price people were asking for older houses, it just wasn't worth it. We can personalize this house to us and have everything we need and want in a forever home. That day we decided to build. Weeks later we have paid the earnest money and met with the interior designer. They should break ground in mid August. It will take about 120 days to build (depending on weather), but we are thinking we will be moving in mid December to mid January. It's kind of going to stink to move in the winter, but we can't wait to be in our own home again.

The front of the house will look mostly like this:
-We will have all the same siding color (the darker gray)...not the two tone.
-We will have a sidelight next to the door.
-We will have a 2.5 car garage.

The main floor will look mostly like this:
-We will not be doing a fireplace.
-We are doing banisters on the stairs instead of the half wall of drywall.
- Our floors will look like this...

We are looking forward to driving by the house and taking pictures of the progress. This is a great move for us and we cannot wait to make lots of memories in this home.

Have I told you guys how much I love having summers off? The quality time that I get with my boy is priceless. We have done so much this summer. I feel like we did a lot more last summer, but I wasn't having to move and work on my master's homework. Here are some pictures from our summer so far...

Playing outside at the old house

Zoo trip with Landon and Alicia

Water park with Landon and Alicia

Splash pad with friends

Riding with Lukas in "Papa's tractor mower"

New hat :)

Flying a kite

Helping daddy mow the lawn

Train ride at Cedar Lake Summerfest

Sitting in front of an old building

Trampoline park with Landon and Alicia

Dolphin show at the Zoo with Lukas, Grandma, and Papa

At the lake for 4th of July Fireworks

Riding papa's tractor mower

On the boat before the fireworks

Looking at pics of vehicles on the computer with grandma and Lukas

Pool time with Lukas

Throwing bags at our friends party

Helping mama with her homework

We have spent a lot of time with my work BFF, Alicia, and her son, Landon. We have gone to the zoo, waterpark, splash pad, and trampoline park with them. This is my parents first summer retired, so we have been over there once or twice a week. They are watching my nephew, Lukas, three times a week. Jordan likes to go play with Lukas, he also likes to look at big vehicles with my mom on the computer, and ride/drive papa's tractor mower. :) We've had an awesome summer so far and still have one month left!

This past monday I finished my 5th master's class (I'm halfway through...WOOT WOOT)....and I have about 5 weeks off. Jordan goes to VBS next week and I think I'm going into work to set up my new classroom. The rest of the summer is going to be nothing FUN! :)


Amie said...

I can't believe how much he has grown!! So many things about this post are things Bowen does as well. I guess boys are boys! haha Congrats on deciding to build a house, that is one thing I just don't think I could handle. I can't wait to see how it turns out!

Risa Kerslake said...

Oooo! It's going to be gorgeous. I can't wait to see it! I have this weird fascination with people's houses and their designs and all that. Probably why I heart HGTV. ;) I can't believe how big Jordan is getting! Say it isn't so!