Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Finally Using my Head for Once

I am the worst blogger. Seriously. I am lucky if I find time to post once a month. The school year is always busy...especially until evaluations are over with. On top of that, I'm in an online master's program. It consumes a lot of my time. The only reason that I am even posting right now is because I took the day off to be with my sick baby boy and he is napping.

Everything is great here. We are just enjoying our favorite time of the year (other than fall). We've made a big life decision (AGAIN) recently. My school district is changing insurance again and this time to Blue Cross Blue Shield which is AWESOME and accepts my fertility clinic. I think I mentioned it already, but a couple months ago we thought we were done and discarded our 3 remaining embryos. Well, we figured we would go through the whole process of IVF again. I had talked with my principal and even had an appointment set up with my doctor. 

One morning I was in the shower (where I do my best thinking) and came to the realization that we need to be done. We are so blessed to have Jordan and we want a good life for both him and us. Having another child meant staying in our current house for much longer than we both want. Our area is not getting any better and we want to get Jordan into a family friendly area with great schools (don't all parents). We also don't want to be living paycheck to paycheck. We want to save and vacation with our little guy. We want to give him great experiences. We have good paying jobs, but my student loan debt will forever ruin us. The smartest decision is just to be happy with the blessing we already have....and we are. With that being said, the appointment that I had has been cancelled and we are looking at possibly putting our house on the market next year.

We are still looking to move to northwest Indiana. The main problem is that it is an hour and a half away from my job. I'm currently working on getting an Indiana teaching license though. I would love a new house, but because we want to be close to downtown Valparaiso (and those houses in the area are older), we may end up getting a fixer upper. Cue the Pinterest farmhouse pins.

Let me just end my post with pictures of my loves of my life on our first snowfall of the season a few days ago! :)

Oh....and Jordan's awesome dance moves from my uncle's wedding a couple weekends ago...