Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Our Summer Thus Far

I know that summer officially started yesterday, but I am referring to summer break from school in the title. 

I love summers. This is my fourth summer that I have not had to work, since I started working at 16. However, this is the first summer where I am not working and still making a big girl paycheck. I was a teacher last year, but because of my lack of paid time off, I lost a lot of pay being gone on maternity leave. This is the first summer that I can relax and not feel bad about it. I am bringing in the same paycheck that I brought in all year and I get to hang out with my little man all summer.

We've been having a blast. I've been working out with a friend at the YMCA. We've been doing a 45 minute step class on Monday, Wednesdays, and Fridays and a water aerobics class on Tuesdays and Thursdays. It feels good to be working out, I just have to get my eating under control so that I can lose some weight. While I am working out, Jordan has been going to child watch, which he has enjoyed (with the exception of last Friday when he cried).

Besides the Y, Jordan and I have spent some time in his pool. We've all gone to my MIL's lake house on the weekends and swam in her lake and gone out on the pontoon boat. Mike and I also have Jordan in music class and swim class right now. He loves them both.

Jordan with his teacher, Miss Leigh Ann

Jordan playing with his friend, Rogan, in music class

Learning to get out of the swimming pool


More splashing and laughing at daddy

He is a little fishy, just like his daddy. I'm glad, because next month we are headed to northern Wisconsin and he will be able to swim in the lake (we used to go in the summer, but lately have been going in the fall...too cold to swim). Then in August, we are taking him overnight to an indoor water park. We are REALLY looking forward to that. It was part of his birthday present from us. We are checking in at 4pm on August 5th. We will probably eat and then swim that night. Then we get to wake up, eat, and check out, but we still get the rest of the day to swim. That day (August 6th) is a special day for us. It is our 13 year "datying" anniversary and 2 year anniversary since we found out that we were pregnant with Jordan. That also happens to be the date of the 1st night we spent in our first home together (also our current home).

My boy is looking so grown up. Last week we spent a few hours with my dad. He gave Jordan his first all around haircut. Mike cut some long locks off a month or so ago, but this haircut was all over. He no longer has a mullet. ;)

I'll leave with this picture of my little boy. No longer my little baby. Although I'll always call him my baby.

I can't believe how big he has gotten. :.(