Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Summer Break is Almost Here

I told Jordan this morning, "4 more getups!" I cannot wait to have the entire summer off with him. I get to watch him hit more milestones (hopefully walking is one of those).


We have a fun filled summer. My husband, Jordan, the pups, and I are making it to the camp we go to in Northern Wisconsin not only this fall, but this summer as well! This means that we get to experience summer activities with our little man. We have that in July and we are going to an indoor water park and staying overnight in August. I love family time and look forward to all the memories we get to make together this summer. <3



Amie said...

I have those same door handles but I guess I should have thought about the fact that those would be easier for a little one to pull on before we changed them out! haha Jordan is so cute!!

Amie said...

Oh and are you going to update your timeline when ya'll try for #2?