Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Summer Break is Almost Here

I told Jordan this morning, "4 more getups!" I cannot wait to have the entire summer off with him. I get to watch him hit more milestones (hopefully walking is one of those).


We have a fun filled summer. My husband, Jordan, the pups, and I are making it to the camp we go to in Northern Wisconsin not only this fall, but this summer as well! This means that we get to experience summer activities with our little man. We have that in July and we are going to an indoor water park and staying overnight in August. I love family time and look forward to all the memories we get to make together this summer. <3


Thursday, May 5, 2016

It's Getting Easier and We Want To Do It Again

I have a few pretty awesome updates. We transitioned Jordan to whole milk right before his 1st birthday. We also got him drinking out of cups with straws right around his birthday. Now he is also completely done with pacifiers. They are packed away. That was much easier than we thought it would be. I am so happy to be done with all of that. I just can't believe how grown up my baby is. Look at him. He looks like a little boy.

On another note...I think we are ready for another baby. Well, not I think, we are. We aren't getting any younger and I want Jordan and his brother or sister to be close in age. I called this morning and made an appointment with Chicago IVF regarding Baby Neuby #2. So, we go in on June 10th to discuss an FET (frozen embryo transfer). I will start on birth control in July and baseline labs will be on August 5th. The transfer will be August 23rd. That's the 2nd day of school for the new school year. I hope principal doesn't mind. :/ I know the kids that I am getting next year and it will be a rough year. It may be crucial that I be there, but our new principal is pretty understanding. One day shouldn't make a big difference.

Jordan's 1 Year Pictures