Wednesday, February 24, 2016

It's a Blizzard Out There Update

Today is a SNOW DAY, so I am giving you an update. A very great update. We are supposed to get 6-12 inches of snow in our area, so we are stuck inside all day and I left my papers to grade at work. Oops. ;)

So, Jordan is a crawling machine. He is all over the place and takes his drumsticks with him EVERYWHERE!

That's it for him. He just crawls everywhere. I get to start planning his birthday party soon. We are doing a Mickey Mouse Clubhouse theme and I cannot wait! I can't believe that he is going to be 1 in a month and a half!

This past weekend Mike, Jordan, and I took a drive to Valparaiso, IN (where we want to move in a few years) to check it out. Oh my God. I'm in love. The downtown area is adorable and there is so much to do out there. It seems like the perfect place to raise our little man. We drove around a lot and stopped at Pikk's Tavern in the downtown area to eat lunch.

It was chilly, so we didn't do much, but we just wanted to look around. We timed how long it would be from the expressway exit in Valparaiso to the exit that Mike's job in Illinois is close to. It only took us 33 minutes. Not bad. I could not commute to work though. My job is easily an hour and 30 minutes from there. I am working on getting an Indiana teaching license and I'm going to start applying in NW Indiana this summer. It's so hard to get a teaching job, but if I got lucky right away,I guess I would just deal with the commute until we move.

In fertility news, last I mentioned, we were pretty sure that we were going to end up destroying our embryos. My new insurance company was going to make me go to another clinic MUCH farther away AND I thought that I had to pay the $50 copay every single time I went in there. Well, my friend/coworker (who was fighting the denial for insurance coverage) got the approval since our doctor is in network and the clinic realized that they should not have been charging her every time she went in. She should've only paid that copay when she went in to meet with the doctor (which would be for a change in plans with treatment). I found out this GREAT news a day after I was looking at the paper that I was sent to destroy the embryos and trying to talk myself into filling it out. I didn't want to and I couldn't get myself to. Now I don't have to! :) So, this summer we are going to meet with the doctor and come up with a plan to transfer (1 or all of) our embryos in August. I am SO happy about this. I have always wanted two kids and I really want Jordan to have a sibling. :)

Jordan just woke up from his nap, so I am going to go hang out with my boy!

Monday, February 15, 2016


Has anyone heard of or tried Foodstirs? Since the mid 90's when I fell in love with Buffy the Vampire Slayer, I have been a fan of Sarah Michelle Gellar. I have been checking out a new business that she has started that has become popular more recently. It's called Foodstirs. I love the idea of it.

Aren't hers and Freddie Prinze Jr.'s kids adorable? While I respect Kristen Bell's want to keep her kids from the media, I really enjoy seeing the children of Hollywood.
Why Foodstirs? (directly off of their website)

  • Create meaningful experiences in the kitchen
  • Simple ingredients. Simply delicious.
  • Conveniently delivered to your door
  • Reinvent cookies, cake mixes & craft
I am absolutely in love with the idea, but it costs $25 per month for their kits. I'm considering trying a kit to see how I like it. Financially it is smarter to find a Pinterest idea and make it. Right?

Happy Valentine's Day to Us

At 10 months and 5 days, Jordan is FINALLY crawling! Saturday he did two small knees, but we didn't consider that a crawl. Yesterday he was attempting to crawl most of the day. Yay, Jordan! :)

Friday, February 5, 2016

Update on Life

So, you know how I mentioned a couple times that we were hoping to buy my MIL's house. Well, plans changed. They changed for many reasons. It is a BEAUTIFUL house in a BEAUTIFUL setting, but it is more than we need and the property taxes are high. Another reason is because the school district isn't good. I grew up in that school district and it was fine at the time, but there are two towns that feed into that school district that are not good areas. As much as it saddens us to give up that dream, it is the best thing for us and for Jordan.

We decided that our next house will be in northwest Indiana. We are currently saving up and hoping that it might happen in the next year or two. Our neighborhood is only getting worse, so we want to get out asap. We are hoping to at least sell our house for what we owe on it. I am going to have a realtor come out in the next couple months (probably after Mexico or maybe even this summer) and appraise the house. I also need to start working on fixing minor things around the house and getting it ready for when we are ready to sell.

In other news, my friend at school is currently going through infertility treatments at the same clinic that I went to. Our district changed insurance on the 1st of the year to save some money (since we are very much in debt). The clinic is no longer in network. The doctor is, but not the clinic, so she found out that she has to pay a $15,000 deductible. The two clinics that we are approved to go through are in Chicago and Rockford. Keep in mind. We are an hour+ south of Chicago and Rockford is 2 and a half hours north of us. I can't believe that they expect us to drive to either of those two places three days a week before work for a couple weeks for monitoring. Chicago is not much further than our current clinic, but the drive into the city would be awful. I'm pissed because I have 3 frozen embryos with our clinic. Grrr. Well, Jordan might end up being our only child and a big part of me is completely okay with that. We are trying to get more financially stable, so having one kid would be a smarter decision. That just means that we can give him more in life.

I am happy to report that my evaluation at work is DONE! After two formal observations, one informal observation, and student test data, I am finally finished and got back my final score. I am "Proficient" and less that 3 points away from "Excellent." Wow. I am so happy. Without a doubt I will be there next year. :) Last year I was RIFed because I was a new teacher, but called back when they knew they had my spot open still. This year there are a whole bunch of new teachers, so I am safe. However, this summer I am going to start working towards getting certified to teach in Indiana and I'll start applying for openings in NW Indiana. I guess I better work on updating my resume and online portfolio as well.

As for an update on Jordan...not much is going on. He is still refusing to crawl. He gets up, but doesn't move. He turns around, sits up from laying, backs up....he just doesn't want to crawl. Oh...and Mike pointed out to me that a third tooth broke thru on the bottom. That's pretty much it. I just saw him off for the day and I'm a little sad. His grandpa N is going to the Phillipines for two weeks on a mission trip, so he is going to be watched by my FIL's girlfriends mom. I know he'll be just fine, but he doesn't know her too well and I know he'll miss his grandpa. I just hope he doesn't cry when my husband leaves her house this morning.

Sorry for the lengthy update. I hope all is well with everyone. I'll leave you with a picture of my cutie from last weekend! Happy Friday, everyone!

I can't believe this little man will be 10 months in 4 days!