Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Finally Using my Head for Once

I am the worst blogger. Seriously. I am lucky if I find time to post once a month. The school year is always busy...especially until evaluations are over with. On top of that, I'm in an online master's program. It consumes a lot of my time. The only reason that I am even posting right now is because I took the day off to be with my sick baby boy and he is napping.

Everything is great here. We are just enjoying our favorite time of the year (other than fall). We've made a big life decision (AGAIN) recently. My school district is changing insurance again and this time to Blue Cross Blue Shield which is AWESOME and accepts my fertility clinic. I think I mentioned it already, but a couple months ago we thought we were done and discarded our 3 remaining embryos. Well, we figured we would go through the whole process of IVF again. I had talked with my principal and even had an appointment set up with my doctor. 

One morning I was in the shower (where I do my best thinking) and came to the realization that we need to be done. We are so blessed to have Jordan and we want a good life for both him and us. Having another child meant staying in our current house for much longer than we both want. Our area is not getting any better and we want to get Jordan into a family friendly area with great schools (don't all parents). We also don't want to be living paycheck to paycheck. We want to save and vacation with our little guy. We want to give him great experiences. We have good paying jobs, but my student loan debt will forever ruin us. The smartest decision is just to be happy with the blessing we already have....and we are. With that being said, the appointment that I had has been cancelled and we are looking at possibly putting our house on the market next year.

We are still looking to move to northwest Indiana. The main problem is that it is an hour and a half away from my job. I'm currently working on getting an Indiana teaching license though. I would love a new house, but because we want to be close to downtown Valparaiso (and those houses in the area are older), we may end up getting a fixer upper. Cue the Pinterest farmhouse pins.

Let me just end my post with pictures of my loves of my life on our first snowfall of the season a few days ago! :)

Oh....and Jordan's awesome dance moves from my uncle's wedding a couple weekends ago...

Thursday, October 13, 2016

Pics From Our Fall Trip

We went on our annual trip to northern Wisconsin this past weekend and this time with brought with my father in law (who has been attending the same family camp for 50 years). Jordan LOVED playing outdoors and 95% of the time he had a stick in his hand. It was a great weekend. We got there a week ago and came back on Monday. It has been hard adjusting to being back to reality. :(

Saturday, September 17, 2016

Goodbye Summer, Hello Fall

Summer break has been over for a month now. We had so much fun with our friends. This school year is going to be long and stressful for me. Not only do I have an extremely challenging group, but I also started my masters program this week.

I currently LIVE for the weekends with my husband and Jordan. Going to work is very hard to do these days. I have a countdown to vacations/holidays. Each one is like a small goal. I am currently counting down to our fall trip to Northern Wisconsin in less than 3 weeks. It kind of kickstarts fall festivities for us. Although, we did take a trip to the apple orchard last weekend.

Oh...and look who started walking finally.

In July he was letting us hold his hands so that he could walk. In August he started walking between us about 5-10 steps. Then, earlier this month (like 2 weeks ago) he started letting go of things and walking all over the house. He's like a little pro now. :)

Not much else is going on here. I just realized that it's been awhile since I updated and he has hit a MAJOR milestone, so I wanted to share. :)

Sunday, July 31, 2016

All I Do Are Quick Updates Anymore

This may be a lengthy update, but at least I have time to do one. It's not like I can sleep anymore. This is typical of this time of year. I have a lot on my mind and I'm thinking about all that I have to do before the school year starts (workshops, moving classrooms, setting up my classroom, etc.) and thinking about how few days I actually have left with Jordan this summer. :( We've had a GREAT summer though and a lot of people don't even get that with their kids, so I know that I shouldn't complain.

I know that last I had talked about it, we planned on transferring 2 or all 3 of our remaining embryos next month. There has been a change of plans. I got new insurance in January. Our district was WAY in debt, so they saved a TON of money by switching insurance companies. My new insurance company does not cover our clinic. The closest clinic that I can go to is 67 miles one way. The only way that we could make that happen is by waiting until next summer. There is no way I can drive that far before work for monitoring. I'd never get to work on time. Plus, it costs us $67 per month for our clinic to store the embryos. It also costs a fortune to transfer the embryos to another clinic. We plan on discarding them. It has honestly been one of the hardest decisions we've ever had to make. We are just tired of being in debt and we so desperately want out of our house and into something better in a better neighborhood with a better school district. Our plan is to be out by the time Jordan is ready for kindergarten. We (or I) had a 5 year plan with this house. It was intended to be our starter house and we are going on 10 years here next month. I've always been a shopaholic (which I've gotten better about...except at the beginning of the school year when I need things for my room). We've also dealt with my husband being in the union for 5 (or so) years and being laid off between jobs. I was also not working while student teaching and then had a crappy paying teacher's aide position (part time and then full time for 2 years). Then, I was on maternity leave and didn't have enough time saved up, so I lost a lot of pay. This past year has been the best (financially) that we've been doing since we got married and it feels good. It feels good to actually have something in the savings account and pay bills on time. We aren't willing to get further into debt anymore. With that being said, it is on God's hands whether we have another child. We have the best little boy and are so blessed. I honestly don't care one way or the other. I have always wanted a little girl, but then I think about how much money I would spend on bows, dresses, shows, etc. That would be bad. Very bad.

Something else going on in my life...I applied to grad school. If accepted (which I don't know why I wouldn't be), I will be starting with a cohort on September 12th (all online) for my Master's degree in Curriculum and Instruction. I am both nervous and excited. Teaching alone is like a full and part time job during the school year. I hope I can allocate my time better for my school and home life.

Jordan is still not walking. He really has no interest. He cruises around furniture, but will not stand on his own or walk on his own. We've seen about 4 steps out of him at a time, but he just doesn't seem to have the confidence to do it. Honestly, this kid crawls so quickly and gets around so easily, he probably doesn't see the need to walk. Plus, he probably thinks it's alright because his doggie siblings are on all fours. The doctor recommended that we have him see a physical therapist. I called the Early Learning Intervention site for our area and should get a call back this week to set up a time to get him assessed.

As for fun family stuff, we went up to northern Wisconsin earlier this month for the weekend to celebrate Mike's family's 50th year staying at the YMCA family camp up there. We had a nice time. The weather wasn't perfect and Jordan ended up with a 103.3 degree temperature while up there, but we enjoyed the time when he wasn't miserable (luckily that day had the worst weather). Here is a picture of my hubby and Jordan "fake fishing." It will be framed and on my desk this school year. <3

We are so excited that this Friday we are going on an overnight adventure to an indoor water park. We can check-in at 4pm on Friday, swim all night, then wake up the next day and have access to the park all day. Our plan is to stay until about 5pm. We had purchased this getaway as part of Jordan's 1st birthday present. We were hoping that we would be walking by now, but obviously that hasn't happened. We also picked this weekend because Saturday marks 13 years since we shared our first kiss and officially became a couple, 10 years since we purchased our 1st home, and 2 years since we found out that we were pregnant with Jordan. It is a very special date for us. 

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Our Summer Thus Far

I know that summer officially started yesterday, but I am referring to summer break from school in the title. 

I love summers. This is my fourth summer that I have not had to work, since I started working at 16. However, this is the first summer where I am not working and still making a big girl paycheck. I was a teacher last year, but because of my lack of paid time off, I lost a lot of pay being gone on maternity leave. This is the first summer that I can relax and not feel bad about it. I am bringing in the same paycheck that I brought in all year and I get to hang out with my little man all summer.

We've been having a blast. I've been working out with a friend at the YMCA. We've been doing a 45 minute step class on Monday, Wednesdays, and Fridays and a water aerobics class on Tuesdays and Thursdays. It feels good to be working out, I just have to get my eating under control so that I can lose some weight. While I am working out, Jordan has been going to child watch, which he has enjoyed (with the exception of last Friday when he cried).

Besides the Y, Jordan and I have spent some time in his pool. We've all gone to my MIL's lake house on the weekends and swam in her lake and gone out on the pontoon boat. Mike and I also have Jordan in music class and swim class right now. He loves them both.

Jordan with his teacher, Miss Leigh Ann

Jordan playing with his friend, Rogan, in music class

Learning to get out of the swimming pool


More splashing and laughing at daddy

He is a little fishy, just like his daddy. I'm glad, because next month we are headed to northern Wisconsin and he will be able to swim in the lake (we used to go in the summer, but lately have been going in the fall...too cold to swim). Then in August, we are taking him overnight to an indoor water park. We are REALLY looking forward to that. It was part of his birthday present from us. We are checking in at 4pm on August 5th. We will probably eat and then swim that night. Then we get to wake up, eat, and check out, but we still get the rest of the day to swim. That day (August 6th) is a special day for us. It is our 13 year "datying" anniversary and 2 year anniversary since we found out that we were pregnant with Jordan. That also happens to be the date of the 1st night we spent in our first home together (also our current home).

My boy is looking so grown up. Last week we spent a few hours with my dad. He gave Jordan his first all around haircut. Mike cut some long locks off a month or so ago, but this haircut was all over. He no longer has a mullet. ;)

I'll leave with this picture of my little boy. No longer my little baby. Although I'll always call him my baby.

I can't believe how big he has gotten. :.(