Sunday, July 5, 2015

Update and Goals

It has been 12 weeks since little man has made an appearance into this crazy world. He is such an amazingly awesome little guy. I feel like such a lucky mama. It has been so easy adjusting to motherhood. Everyone tells me and Mike that we are naturals.

I am off of school for the summer and I am still having a hard time updating my blog and reading other bloggers posts. Jordan still sleeps throughout the day, but sometimes it's for an hour and sometimes it's for 20 minutes. I usually use that time to do laundry, dishes, pick up, or clean. Besides that I have been making time for friends and working with my work friends on planning units for next school year. We also cleaned out the science closet at work. It took us 6 hours, but I'm sure glad that's over. I'm really hoping to find more time for blogging though. I'm also thinking of changing the blog look and name (again...I know). ;)

Mike and I decided to make some life changes recently. Five weeks ago, when Jordan was baptized, we started attending mass at church. We both grew up catholic and attended mass every Sunday. We started attending this church in the next town over a couple years ago, but that didn't last long. We have gone every week since he was baptized though. :)

We have also talked about being healthier. That includes eating better and exercising. I'm not sure about Mike, but I am going to only drink socially and when I do, it will be Mike's Light Lemonade. I have to stop pretending that all these calories aren't going to pile the weight on, because they have. I weigh the most that I have ever weighed. I made a goal for myself to fit back into my wedding dress by our 10th anniversary on March 4th of next year. I have about 70 pounds to lose. Ugh. I am starting a DietBet group on Monday. You bet $30 that you will lose the most weight and then the winner wins the pot. So far I have 7 other people interested. It is for 4 weeks. I am hoping that it jump starts my motivation. :)

My baby boy is almost 3 months old (on Thursday)! Where has the time gone? I will leave you with this cute video of him this morning. He has the most expressive faces. LOL


Amie said...

It's great to see an update from you. I am so happy that parenthood has come perfectly for you guys :)

Risa said...

Ha ha! I love this video!