Saturday, March 21, 2015

Big Update Since I Haven't Posted in Over a Month

I'm sorry that I've been MIA for awhile. I feel like I missed so much exciting news lately. There are two special ladies, Kailey and Amanda, who are finally adopting their precious little bundles of joy and my birthday buddy, Amie, is expecting a little one after her first IVF cycle! I can't believe all of the wonderful in the infertility world! Congrats, ladies!!!

I've been so overwhelmed lately. These last two months have been super busy. This is what I have been up to:

1. My students threw me a baby shower in late February.

 2. We had our family/friends baby shower on March 1st.



3. Mike and I got jealous that Jordan's room looked nicer than ours, so we decided to order some new furniture and do a makeover on our room. We finally got rid of my grandma's 80's furniture and got some new pieces with a couple hand me down pieces from my future brother in law. The white pieces are the new ones that we got and the oak ones are from my future BIL.


 4. My co-workers threw me a baby shower on the 17th. Well, they did a joint baby shower for me and Tracy (she works in our building in the morning). I went to college with her sister (who also works at the same school) and her husband is really good friends with my husband's best friend, so I was excited to share a baby shower with her. They are due with a girl on May 8th!

 5. We did a maternity photo shoot with my father last weekend. 





Other than that I've been slowly working in Jordan's room to get it in order. I am at 37 weeks on Monday, so I am at weekly appointments with the doctor. I feel like I am rapidly gaining weight all of the sudden. I am hoping that it falls right off after Jordan gets here. I'm thinking that Jordan is head down now. I don't feel him on my left and right side like I did for the longest time. The spots I'm feeling him in is more centralized on my body. Plus, yesterday my sides looked less wide and my belly looked like it was sticking out more. My doctor said that she doesn't want him head down until 38 weeks, but we are close enough. I have been measuring a week ahead lately. So, my guess is that I'll be measuring at 38 weeks at my appointment on Monday.

I've been slacking with weekly pictures. The last time I posted any was at 30 weeks and I did the next 4 weeks (but didn't post them here) and then I stopped. I'll try to get an updated one tomorrow, but here are the ones that I missed:


I can't believe that he'll be here in about 3 short weeks. I am starting to get really nervous. I am terribly frightened of contractions. Speaking of that, I need to pack the hospital bag soon. I meant to do that weeks ago, but between house projects and work, it has just not happened.

Have a happy weekend, everyone! Spring break is in one week! I look forward to being off and getting a lot done around the house! I also need to get back on here and catch up on blogs!


JoJo said...

Wow he definitely got lots of stuff. Love ur baby shower theme. True fan already. (:

Amie said...

What a fun shower!!! I love that wagon too!! You look fantastic and your photos are beautiful :)

Amanda said...

Stephanie, you look amazing! So beautiful! Congrats on all the work on the nursery and your bedroom! I'm still in the midst of nursery room overhaul... Hard work! I can't believe your son is almost here! Enjoy these last days of pregnancy!

Candace Groberg said...

Your new bed look amazing! Hope you're getting a lot of rest before your little guy gets here.