Friday, December 26, 2014

The First Week of Winter Break

I hope everyone had a very WONDERFUL Christmas. Mine was probably the worst Christmas that I've ever experienced (and it really wasn't THAT bad). 

We'll start with last Friday night (the 19th). I got off of work and came home to these beautiful flowers and a little note from my husband welcoming me to winter break. :) He's so sweet.

On Saturday, we had my dad's side of the family party where we finally had an update for my cousin to read (she does the family newsletter). We mentioned my job and the fact that we are due in April with our little baby boy. Saturday night was pretty fun. I got to spend time with my family including my adorable nephews, Lukas and Nate, and my niece, Ally (when she wasn't sleeping).

On to Monday (the beginning of my winter break). Monday was great! I spent time with my sister, Kristy, and nephew, Nate, at the Chicago Botanic Garden. I started to get the sniffles and a little bit of a runny nose while we were there. I blamed it on the cruddy wet weather.

When I got home, I had a package from my BFF, Amy, waiting outside the door. When Mike got home, we opened it. It is a beautiful ornament to document our pregnancy this Christmas.

 Tuesday I woke up and was stuffy and had body aches. I cleaned in the morning and shortly after, I regretted pushing myself that far. Later that night, we met up with Mike's mom, her boyfriend, my SIL, and her boyfriend at a nursing home that houses the lovely Gramma Guimond. Gramma Guimond is the mother of Mike's step father who we ADORED. He passed away in 2006 (a few months after our wedding) and his sister passed away that year too. Gramma Guimond only has grand children and great grandchildren left. We are a bonus extension of her family. Anyways, we haven't seen her in a couple years, so we made a date for Tuesday night to spend time with her. She is the sweetest old lady ever and she is very witty. It was great catching up with her. I got to tell her about my teaching job and we told her about Jordan. Well, we gave her an ornament that I made that said, "Wonderful Grammas Get Promoted to Great Grammas" on one side and "Arriving April 2015: Jordan Chase" on the other side. When my MIL read it to her, she got the biggest smile and congratulated us. We also found out that Jordan is due the day before her 94th birthday. We had a nice time, but we did notice that she is forgetting things. We would talk about something and then later on she would say the same thing or ask the same question...she forgot that we already talked about it. I lasted about 3 hours that night. I was really ready to go after 2 hours, but I didn't want to cut our time short. We got home and I had forgotten to throw out a bag of garbage and the dogs had ripped open the bag and there was garbage everywhere. They ate anything that they could get their paws on...including a bag of cocoa mix that a student gave me (which had stale marhsmallows). The kitchen and living room were a mess. I cried like crazy. Both pissed at myself for not running the garbage out when we left and pissed at them for making a mess. There was cocoa powder all over the floor, so after we cleaned up the mess, Mike cleaned the carpet. Not the way we wanted to spend our night.

On Wednesday (Christmas Eve), I woke up feeling MISERABLE. I decided to stay home and let Mike go to the family party alone. I could tell that he was disappointed, but he understood. He left at 11am and I laid in bed and put on the Veronica Mars marathon on Pivot. I thought for sure it would cheer me up. At 12:20pm I blew my nose and sat up and got a sudden rush of energy and felt good enough that I decided to get ready and drive the 45 minutes to the family party and surprise everyone. That I did. Mike was so thrilled to see me. He told me that I could return his Christmas present, because that was the best gift that I could've given him. :) Everyone was so happy to see me. That would've been the 1st Christmas Eve in 12 Christmas's that we have spent together that I would've missed on that side of the family. It was a really nice time. Although, once again, I lasted about 4 hours and then started feeling cruddy again. We came home and this time the dogs had pulled a bag of candy canes off of the kitchen table and got the packages open. The packages contained 24 candy canes. There were about 7 left (in bits and pieces). Most of the candy canes and wrappers were gone. I cried again. After we cleaned up, we exchanged gifts between us and the dogs. It has been a few years since we exchanged gifts. I had to quite my job at the end of 2011 to student teach and then I just worked as a teacher's aide for two school years and hardly made anything. Mike was in the electricians union and was usually laid off in the winter, so we decided that it would be better to not spend the extra money. We always get the dogs a joint gift (like one of those cheap stockings with cheap toys inside). This year they got a Holiday Stew w/ a decorated cookie, a plush squeaky toy, and one of those bones with a flavor filling in the middle. They were in heaven. This year we spoiled each other. I got him the 5th season of Breaking Bad (he wanted it and it was only $7.99 on a deal on Amazon, so how could I pass that up?) and I got him a Chicago Blackhawks Personalized jersey. He got me a gift certificate for a mani/pedi with a no chip coat that should last about a month. He also got me a gift certificate to get a prenatal massage. I am waiting a little bit to use both of them. I know at some point I am going to NEED those done to me and now does not feel like the right time. :)

Later that night, daddy read Jordan and bedtime story. He read The Night Before Christmas to him. :) It was such sweet family time.

Yesterday (Christmas day), I woke up feeling so incredibly stuffy and had what appeared to be pink eye. Oh boy. I was NOT going to miss Christmas, so I sucked it up. I had learned my lesson from the previous two days and anything edible was put up high before we on top of the refrigerator high. We went to my MIL's house for Christmas breakfast...and I was so stuffed up that I could not taste a thing. :/ Boo. Then we opened presents. We left after about 4 hours and had planned on going home for a little bit to let the dogs out and then heading to my parents house. Well, that didn't go as planned. First....with a little back sister, BIL, and their son and daughter are moving to Texas. They are leaving on Sunday. Yesterday was to be the last day that I could spend with them before they move. I found out while I was at my MIL's that my brother in law was worried about me getting the kids sick before their trip. They have a couple day trip down there and they have no doctor for the kids yet. I could understand where he was coming from. I had planned on spending the day with my family and just keeping my distance from the kids. Well, that wasn't going to work. He told my sister that he would bring the kids to his mom's house. I was not okay with that. This is the last time that my parents will have to spend with them for a little while. I didn't want to cut their time short with them, so I said that I would just not come. Well, that hurt. The thought of not seeing my family on Christmas for the first time EVER! On top of that I was going to miss spending my last time with my sister and kids before they move! I was an emotional wreck. Pregnancy hormones don't help and I'm even crying as I type this. Oh boy. Anyways, Mike and I went home, grabbed the presents, and took the dogs on a car ride to my parent's house. We stopped at my brother's on the way to open gifts from them (theirs were already at my parents). My SIL is a nurse and told me that I am not contagious and that it was probably sinus issues from the Chicago Botanic Gardens. She said that it is not pink eye, but just the sinus issue going up into my eye. I wasn't about to tell my sister that, because I just wanted to drop it. If they rather that I not be there, then so be it. So, we left my brother's house, went to my parents, hugged my mom and dad, got our gifts, gave them our gifts, and my sister walked us out to the car. I only got to wave to my niece and nephew on the way out, but I gave my sister a great big hug and cried my eyes out. I cried on the way home a few times. Lets face it. Every time I think about them leaving, I cry. Like right now. Ok.....on to the rest of the night. My SIL said that I should be able to take Sudafed. She tried looking it up in her books to make sure that I can, but she ended up calling Labor & Delivery at the hospital that she works at and they said that I can take the 12 hour regular Sudafed. So, we stopped at Walgreens to pick some up. 

When we got home, we gave the pups their Holiday Stew that we bought for them for Christmas and then their decorated cookie for dessert. 
Mike made a frozen pizza and I had some Chicken Corn Chowder soup and we watched TV. Later on, my brother, SIL, and nephew, Lukas, stopped by to drop off Christmas dinner and they stayed a little while and spent some time with us. It was nice being able to spend some time with some of my own family members on Christmas. I appreciated that they cared enough to stay.

Today is the day after Christmas and it is supposed to be a high of 49 degrees here in Illinois. It does not feel like Christmas. Not much about this week has felt like Christmas to me. I sure look forward to next Christmas. I need to make sure that I stay healthy for my little man's FIRST Christmas. I hope it is cold and snowy and white. :) I've already started planning for next year. I woke up this morning and started buying stuff online (Christmas clearance). I bought beautiful wrapping paper from Pier 1 and a cookie tray and milk mug for Santa from Personalization Mall. I also got a cute sign for out front for us to take pictures by. :) I so look forward to Christmas next year.

Even though it was not his first Christmas this year, he sure was spoiled....

Blanket, Under Armour jumpsuit, and Jordan socks and booties for our little Jordan
From, Auntie Jeanette and Uncle Sean
From, Gramma G and Gary
Dr. Seuss books and Book Buggee
From, Uncle Eric, Auntie Mindy, and Lukas
Frames for the pics above his crib (they match the bump board...or his future
memory board
From, Auntie Kristy, Uncle Jason, Nate and Ally

Clothes and teddy bear
From, Gramma C and Grandpapa C

I hope everyone had a fantastic Christmas. As much as mine sucked, it could've been worse, so I'll count my blessings and hope for a better one next year!


JoJo said...

Sorry u haven't been feeling well. Aren't u glad this happened at a time u can rest though? Hope u feel better soon.

Amie said...

Wow such a tough time :( Jordan got some really cute stuff!!