Wednesday, July 30, 2014

IVF #2 Egg Retrieval & Transfer

We left the house on Monday at 5:20am to make sure that we were at the surgical center at 7:30am. We left super early just in case we ran into rush hour traffic going around the city (Chicago)....which we did a little bit, but it was painless. We arrived at the surgical center at 7am. I filled out and signed some papers, used the restroom, sat down for about a minute, and then the nurse came and got us to go back. I changed into the lovely hospital gown and we went through the usual routine of the nurse taking my temperature and getting my blood pressure. As the nurse was getting ready to do the IV, I mentioned that they had a hard time getting it into my vein last time and that they stuck me like 3 times and I was very bruised afterwards. The nurse was glad that I mentioned that to her, because then she didn't even try. She just got the anesthesiologist to do it. The anesthesiologist put it in my hand with little trouble and I was good to go. The procedure went well. I vaguely remember waking up during the procedure (or at least that's what I thought) and I was wondering why I was waking up. I think I even asked for more anesthesia. Then the anesthesiologist said that they were wrapping up. Next thing I knew, I was being wheeled back to our area. The nurse asked me what level of pain I was in. I said 8. She said "8 is very high"....and then I said..."Oops. I mean 2" (darn anesthesia). We had a little laugh about that. She then asked me if I wanted a heat pack...and I did. Mike met me back in our little area a minute later (he had been off doing his thing). I had some Tylenol and waited about 15 minutes and then we took off.

We are ready!
Coming out of anesthesia.
I got the call the next day that they retrieved 27 eggs. 18 of them were mature. 17 of them fertilized.

Over the next few days I was super bloated. I also drank a lot of Gatorade and peed A LOT. 

Transfer day was on Saturday. The appointment was at 6:15am and we got there at 6:00am. We got called back at about 6:25am. The doctor came to talk to us at about 7:15am. We had 13 good embryos. He asked why we wanted to transfer 3. I told him that we have transferred 2 embryos two times now and NOTHING. I think it was about 8am when I went back for the transfer. We transferred 3 of our best embryos. I should be getting a call in the next few days telling me how many made it to the freezing stage.

Some of our embabies! Aren't they cute?! ;)
Filling my bladder.
The "hopefully" parents to be!
That lighting makes me look like I have no eyebrows. :/
The embabies are at home. Grow babies, grow.
 I took it semi easy the rest of Saturday thru yesterday. I have some big news to share (hopefully on Friday), but I have to wait until it's official. For now I am just going to say that I am having no problem staying busy during this 2WW. I am so high on life right now and I hope that the pregnancy test on August 6th puts me over the moon happy. Speaking of August 6th. On August 6th, 2003, Mike and I shared our first kiss. That is our dating anniversary. On August 6th, 2006, we spent our first night in our first home. Good things have happened to us in the past on August 6th. :)

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Egg Retrieval Scheduled for Tomorrow

Wednesday night I got the call to drop down from 225 units of Gonal-F to 175 units and to then return to the clinic on Friday for monitoring.

I went in Friday and while my nurse, Tammy, was checking out my ovaries, my last nurse (they changed because I changed doctors), Sandy, stopped in to see how my ovaries are looking. She did the ultrasound on Wednesday, so she knew that I had a lot going on. Tammy and Sandy laughed about how well I am responding. They were very pleased. I have follicles growing on top of follicles. Pretty crazy. They said that they wish that all of their patients responded as well as I have. I then got the call Friday night to return for blood work and an ultrasound yesterday morning. 

My wonderful husband woke up early and went with me in the morning. It is nice that he tries to be there for me as much as he can. He got to see my lovely ovaries. The nurse said that I have 15 measurable follicles on EACH ovary ranging from 10mm to 16mm. 

 While we were out at my mother-in-law's lake house yesterday, I got the call telling me that we are going in for an egg retrieval tomorrow morning at 7:30am and the nurse gave me all of the lovely medication instructions from here on out.

Speaking of my mother-in-law's lake house...

We went on their pontoon boat for the first time yesterday....

...and then we went to our first hog roast.

It was a lot of fun. It was a good way to relax before the crazy week we have ahead of us!

I am looking forward to the retrieval tomorrow. I have been feeling so bloated. I never get bloated during that time of the month, so this is a new feeling, and I HATE it.

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

What Could Have Been....

Yesterday would have been our due date HAD our first IVF cycle resulted in a pregnancy. Instead I was nervous as hell and interviewing for a teaching position. I HATE interviews. I would've rather have been having a baby. Really though. I'm pretty sure that I won't get it and a part of me is ok with that. Sure...we need the money, but I sometimes wonder if I really WANT to teach or if it is just something that I jumped into while desperate to find a career path. I often wish that I would have just stayed in the office job that I had and not accrued damn near $50,000 in student loans. I was really good at what I did and the customers loved me. Ugh. Too late now. They don't rehire past employees.

I was in a nasty funk after that interview. See.

Anyways, today has been a better day. The pups and I took a 3.5 mile walk this morning and then spent some time on the front porch just enjoying the cool breeze with some coffee and a good book. It was about 60 degrees this morning with only a high of 70 today. Gotta love cool days in July.

I was pretty much stuck at home today. I had to be here to sign for my Crinone that the pharmacy sent me. So, after some relaxation time, I decided to finally hang the curtains in the future nursery (or whatever room it becomes in the future). I still have to iron them, but I am saving that for another day. is day 5 of stims. I am injecting 225 units a night of Gonal-F. I am liking Gonal-F more than Follistem. The dialup pen doesn't turn as it undials, so it seems much easier to use. Tomorrow morning I go in for monitoring. I hope I have lots of eggs growing.


Tuesday, July 1, 2014

HELLO JULY...I'm Glad You're Here

 I am so stoked! It is July! It is almost time for our next IVF fresh cycle. I'm going to refer to it as the cycle that almost didn't happen. Why did it almost not happen, you ask?

Well, I ALMOST cancelled it. By almost, I mean that the thought ran across my mind more than once. It all started some time last week when I got a bill from the fertility clinic showing that we owe $3500 out of pocket for the FET back in January. I understand that a lot of states don't have ANY fertility coverage, so if you want to slap me for bitching about this, then I won't blame you. But seriously...until I find a teaching job, we are struggling. We don't have thousands of dollars just sitting in savings. I was frustrated and thinking about how it would be nice to stop getting ourselves deeper and deeper in debt. I thought about the fact that we may never have a successful IVF or FET. We are getting deeper in debt for possibly nothing in return. That thought pisses me off. I started doing some light research on child free living last week. Check out BuzzFeed's article: 28 Reason's You're Better Off Never Having Kids. Oh my gosh does it sound lovely.

However, I don't want to get past my childbearing years and regret not exhausting our resources. We both want a product of our love and we LOVE kids, but I think that both of us would actually be okay with not having children. I asked Mike how much he wanted kids the other night. I wanted a percentage from him. He wouldn't give it to me....probably because he didn't want to hurt my feelings or piss me off. I think if I had to give a percentage, I would go with 70% of me wants kids and 30% doesn't care. Or 65/35. I'm not quite sure. I figured that Mike wanted me to say first, so I just sent him a text while I was thinking about it and he said he is about there or 60/40. Either way...child or no child...I know he is the one for me and that we will have an amazing life together. He is my heart and I look forward to all of our future adventures.

He is currently on Clomid to try to help his number of sperm increase. He had a semen analysis yesterday and will be hearing from his doctor shortly. We are still going to go through with this cycle, but we may chose to hold off on doing a frozen embryo cycle. Hopefully we don't have to worry about any of that. Hopefully July is good to us and that August brings us a BFP!