Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Quick Update

The RE has me on BC pills. I started them on Sunday night and my last pill is going to be taken on Sunday, July 6th. I should get my period that week and I go in on Friday, July 11th for baseline labs and an ultrasound. I have a few things on my "to do" list for my nurse this week. Apparently, she needs a copy of my last pap smear sent over from my family doctor and I have to get them the consent forms for IVF. My hubby and I signed them last night and he brought them to work today to have my mom (they work together) notarize them since we didn't both sign them in front of the nurse. I will have to take a special trip to the clinic on Thursday to drop off the papers. That works out fine because I'm going to go hang with my bestie and her kids and they live about a half an hour from the clinic. I'll just run that errand before I head to her house. I also have to call the pharmacy to give them the Aetna preauthorization number so they will send me my meds. I can't wait to get my timeline and meds. That's when it starts to feel real! :)

5K Foam Fest 2014

June 7th was the 5K Foam Fest. It is a foam and mud run and it was SO much fun! Let me just say that it is impossible to run the whole thing, so it is more of a "fun run." A normal 5K run should take about 35-40 minutes for me. A lot of this 5K, we had to take it slow because there were many sections of the trail that we very wet and slippery. We also had to wait to do obstacles. Sometimes we went right thru them, sometimes we waited a minute, and once we waited at least 10 minutes. Because of this and waiting for teammates, it took us 1 hour and 18 minutes to complete the course. We definitely tried to run as much as possible though. 

Here are some pictures from the day of the run:
Just arriving and squeaky clean!
Crawling through the dirt!
Slipping in the muddy foam!
Running through the Mike's Hard Lemonade Obstacle!
The slide wasn't wet enough!
I didn't make it all of the way down!
FINISHED! The hubby and I are FAR from clean!
This is our team: (L to R) Mike, Me, Steve (FIL),
Terri (FIL's gf), Jeanette (SIL), and Sean (SIL's bf)
Showing off my number and muddiness!
 We really had a blast! I highly recommend this fun run! I really want to sign up for next year because it is half off right now, but I'm not sure if I will have a newborn next year or if I'll be pregnant, so I have to wait. I'm going to be angry if we are still going through treatments. :P

Thursday, June 5, 2014

July Cycle: We Are Ready :)

I had my appointment with my new doctor yesterday afternoon. I am not going to a new clinic, I just had to decide on a new doctor because my old one left while we were on our break. I am happy with my decision to go with Dr. Jain. He is very nice and seems down to Earth and just plain genuine.

He was very pleased to hear that I have dropped some weight. He said that that should help. He told me that he had a patient who had a BMI of like 50 and they took a year off of treatments and she lost 150 pounds. They recently had an FET and he just found out the other day that they are pregnant. He said that the stories aren't comparable because she was very overweight, but it was nice to hear about a positive outcome from someone making themselves a healthier person.

He also explained why the last 4 embryos may not have taken. An ideal blastocyst has 46 chromosomes...23 each from the sperm and the egg. The wrong chromosome count reduces the odds of implantation. He said that this isn't something that they can tell under a microscope. They have no idea how many chromosomes the blastocysts have. He said that everything looks good and that it is only a matter of time before I get pregnant.

I asked him his thoughts on transferring 3 embryos next time since my last doctor, Dr. Rodgers, had told me that if the FET did not result in a pregnancy then we could transfer 3. He is ok with doing that. He just warned me that we have a higher chance of multiples..especially twins. I told him that we are ok with that. So, we are all set for the July fresh IVF cycle. We don't have to make a decision about the amount to transfer until the day of the transfer. He said that if the blastocycsts are beautiful then we may make the decision to just transfer 2. However, the last 4 blastocycsts were grades 3-4 and didn't take, so I think we are sticking with transferring 3.

Oh yeah...and I know that I said that we wouldn't start back until August or September, but my husband and I are tired of waiting and if we get pregnant in July then I would be pregnant at the end of the school year and can take maternity leave that will go into summer break next year. We also found out that Mexico won't be happening next year (probably March 2016), so we are ok to be pregnant and almost due this coming March.

I also asked Dr. Jain about me running a 5k on August 2nd. It'll be about a week after the transfer. He said that I should be fine as long as my body is used to running that much. He said that it isn't good to go from not running to running the entire 5k. I told him that it is a fun run and that I can even walk some of it. He said that I should be fine and that it'll give me something to do during the awful 2WW. Then I talked about this with my husband and he said that he prefers that I don't do anything to jeoparize the possibility of becoming pregnant. I also thought about the fact that it is one of those runs where they spray you with different colors. I'm not sure I want to inhale those chemicals. It might be too early to affect anything, but I don't want to take any chances. With that being said I need to see if I can get rid of 2 tickets to the Graffiti Run 5k in Chicago.