Friday, May 23, 2014

So Many Things to Share :)

I can't believe that it is almost summer break. We have 8 more school days with the kids and then one more for teachers and staff. Our last day is June 6th. Starting June 9th, I will be watching my nephew on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. It is perfect because I get to spend quality time with my nephew and also make a little bit of moolah.

I have been doing pretty good with my weight loss, but I've been a bit of a slacker lately. I am still at about 20 lbs down from where I started at the end of February, but I've not been as strict with counting calories and exercising. I feel great though. On Wednesday, I finally finished my C25K training! I've been thinking about starting the C210K training, but I still haven't made up my mind.

This pic is from almost a month ago.
It's a 17 lb difference.
I haven't done a recent one,
but the scale hasn't really moved lately.

On June 4th I have a doctors appointment with the new doctor at our clinic. We plan on starting back up treatments in August or September regardless of how much weight I've lost. Initially I wanted to drop 60 pounds. We are just so tired of waiting. I would start back right now, but there is a possibility that I MAY be going to Mexico next March. IF we get pregnant in August, the I wouldn't be due until May and will be able to fly. How awesome would that be to take pregnancy pictures in Mexico with the sunset. Ahhh. Like I said. It's a possibility. We won't know for sure until later this year. I hope we do though. I am in need of tropical vacation and it will be for a good occassion.

On June 7th me, my hubby, my sister-in-law, her boyfriend, my father-in-law, and his girlfriend are going to be running in the 5K Foam Fest. It is a fun run with 16 obstacles that involve a lot of soap, mud, and water. I am super excited. We got team t-shirts made too.

I ended up having to transfer my ticket to the Color Run to someone else because my friend Tinese went to sign up and they were all sold out. It was too hard for her to find someone to buy a ticket from, so I found someone to buy my ticket. Instead of The Color Run, we are going to do the Graffiti Run on August 2nd! I found it on Groupon for $25 per person! Sweet! :)

On June 28th we are going to Summerfest in Milwaukee, WI. It will be my first experience there, but my hubby was there when he was younger. I am excited to get out of town even if for just a little over 24 hours. We are going there with my SIL, SIL's boyfriend, MIL, and MIL's fiance. It's going to be fun. :)

In other infertility news, my husband had another semen analysis done to see if his count has improved since his surgery in December. Last check-up he was at 7 million and 28% motility and this time he is at 8 million and 31% motility. The doctor is putting him on Clomid (I know...weird, right?) to see if it helps improve his count.

I hope all is well with everyone! I can't wait until summer break! I will have so much more time to catch up on blogs! Just know that all of you are in my thoughts and prayers every day! :)


Aubrey said...

You look awesome, girl!! xo

Ashley Sanderson said...

so proud of you friend!!!! I'm trying to convince Kyle to get another SA. It's been 14 months since his varicoceles surgery and I'd love to see if there's been change since his 6 month check up when his numbers were pre surgery level and they told us to continue with IVF. He doesn't want to. Grrr!! I'll have to do a little more convincing!

Caroline said...

Lots going on!!! You look great!

Elisha Kearns said...

WOWZAS! You look amazing!! So proud of you! hugs!

Risa said...

You look amazing! Sounds like lots of great stuff going on!

Laura said...

Happy Summer! You look great!!

shay said...

You look GREAT! Keep up the good work!

Mrs. Lost said...

Lookin' good!!