Sunday, March 9, 2014

New Healthier Lifestyle Items

I decided not to do weekly posts for my weight loss. I may post about how it is going, but I won't give updates on how much I've lost weekly. I think I'll do that monthly. This week was rough. After losing over 7 pounds the first week (mainly water weight), I was stuck the entire week at the same weight as I was when I weighed in on Monday. I counted calories and I worked out every day. I even ended up "upping" my game and added more time to my work out and started running some of it. I was still stuck. Then, since we hadn't ordered out for 2 weeks, I told Mike that we could order pizza yesterday. We are going more for a lifestyle change than a diet, so we decided that it is alright to have good food every once in awhile. Well, I weighed myself this morning and was up 2 pounds. Boo. :/ Today we were out shopping and decided go to our favorite Mexican restaurant. Bad idea...I know, but it was yummy. I did choose chicken in my tacos instead of beef. That's a healthier choice. :)

Oh...and I had a large margarita! ;)
I wanted to share with you some new items I've purchased or received recently to help me with my new lifestyle change.

Item #1: A couple weeks ago I posted about having to replace our treadmill. Well, here is the replacement. I think it is pretty great for only being $500. My Saucony's left yellow on the walking belt. :( Stupid shoes.

Dick's Sporting Goods: Proform ZT4
Item #2: My SIL and her boyfriend got me a rocket blender for my birthday. I loved it at first. I was looking to buy my hubby one because he wants smoothies for breakfast too, and I found it online. I noticed that the rating was pretty bad, so I decided to read the reviews. They were not good. One said that the gasket came off and got shredded in the smoothie. The person ended up starting to eat it because he/she thought it was chunks of fruit. Eew. My gasket came off the other day, but I caught it before it got shredded up inside my smoothie. The blender still works, but leaks a little bit. I may return it. I bought Mike one before my gasket came off. I will keep using mine until something else goes wrong with it. Kohl's has a great return policy, so if I want, I can return it and get something else. I'm not sure what we will do with Mike's. We may return his and get something better.

Kohl's: Bella Sport Rocket Blender
Item #3: Like I mentioned earlier, I started running some. All of my athletic shoes are a little tight and uncomfortable. My toe is incredibly close to the end and the width seems to be a little snug on my Saucony's that I've been using. My Nike shoes that I got last year are also really small even though they are the size that I've always worn. They felt fine when I tried them on, but my toe is also close to the end. I should have returned them, but I never did. 

My hubby also needed new shoes, so we went to Shoe Carnival earlier today. He found some New Balance shoes and I finally found some Nike's that felt wonderful on my feet. My toe is not at the end, the width is perfect, and the heel doesn't slip off when I walk. They also have great support. They didn't have the black/red/blue pair in a size 9, so I got the grey/pink/blue pair. I can't wait to wear them for my walk/run tomorrow morning!
Shoe Carnival: Nike Reax Run 8
I am enjoying being healthier overall. I really do feel better. If only we could be as disciplined on the weekends as we are on the weekdays!


Aubrey said...

Mmm! That Mexican looks delish! I'm glad that you're giving yourself some cheat meals - I honestly feel like that's the key to losing weight sometimes - - - giving yourself the ability to cheat so that you're not craving those foods all.the.time! XO

Amie said...

The weekends are the hard part for us too because going out to eat on the weekend is like our treat..ugh! Like you said though it's a lifestyle change so I guess you have to allow yourself a cheat day in there :) I love those shoes, too cute!

JoJo said...

Changing eating habits does not happen overnight. Trust me I know how hard it is! Weekends are by far the worst. I can do fine during the week and BLAM just like I forget about it during the weekend. Sounds like u are doing great keep up the good habits.

Mrs. Lost said...

Keep up the good work and rewards will come your way. Cheat from time to time so that you don't go on a binge and drink tons of water! Love the shoes!

shay said...

The kicks are super cute and I think it's totally ok to go out to eat and enjoy yourselves once in a while. Like you said it's a lifestyle change and to diet 365/24/7 is just unrealistic! Keep up the good work!

Aislinn said...

Don't forget your weight will fluctuate because you'll also gain muscle mass! Don't beat yourself up about one week, keep doing what you're doing and kickin' butt!

holly said...

I stick with the 80/20 rule. 80 % clean eating 20% not so clean. It all seems to balance out in the end! I love your new shoes!! Keep rocking, you'll get there!

Chelley N said...

It looks like you're on a great path to making some positive changes in your life.

New follower here :-)

Ashley Sanderson said...

I think you are doing it the smart way! You can't be expected to NEVER indulge! The beginning is always hard! Have you looked into advocare or plexus? I did the 24 day advocare challenge and it really kick started my weight loss this summer! After the challenge was up, I continued eating well and being forced to eat that way for 24 days helped make it more of a habit rather than this is what I have to eat. But when you pregnant, all of it goes out the window! You can enjoy what you want then :) with moderation of course!