Saturday, February 15, 2014

Menstrual From H - E - Double Hockey Sticks

If this week hasn’t been bad enough, we can add an evil heavier than usual menstrual cycle to it. Let me start out by explaining that in the 19 years of having periods, I have had mild cramps once. Late last week I was getting cramps. I was hoping that it was a sign that I was pregnant, and surprised when I found out on Monday that I wasn’t pregnant. Yesterday I started having major lower back pains. I have been laying on a heating pad a lot, which temporarily relieves the pain. After doing some research, I figured out why my lower back is hurting so badly.
 From the article: PMS Problem:Why Your Back Hurts and How to Get Relief 

Lower back pain during your period, or primary dysmenorrhea, is caused by contractions in the uterus. Every month your body build ups a thick uterine lining (called endometrium) in preparation for a fertilized egg. If you don't become pregnant, estrogen and progesterone levels drop and cue your body to break down and detach the lining, and it does that by contracting. If your uterus contracts too strongly, it can press on nearby blood vessels, cutting off the supply of oxygen to the nearby muscles, which is the reason pain occurs in the abdomen and radiates to the lower back and even to the thighs.

Chances are if you've always had similar menstrual discomfort, it's nothing to worry about. But see a doctor if you're incapacitated for more than a few days a month or if you've noticed a sudden change in your symptoms. Meanwhile, you can ease the back pain with over-the-counter anti-inflammatory drugs such as ibuprofen, or with a warm bath or a heating pad. Avoiding foods that contain caffeine and salt can also help. And even though you have about as much energy as it takes to plop onto the couch, women who exercise regularly often experience less menstrual pain so keep up with your routine by doing some light cardio or these cramp-relieving yoga poses.

I wonder if it has something to do with all of the estrogen pills and progesterone injections I’ve been doing. Maybe my body isn’t used to the high levels that I was pumping into my body for weeks. Anyone else have these back pains after infertility procedures?


Infertile625 said...

I just looked back and saw that your lining was an 11 - 5 days BEFORE your transfer. I'm gonna go ahead and guess that is why you are in so much pain. Nice cushy linings don't feel so good on the way out. I was reminded of that last month. Big hugs. Hope it goes quickly!

Anonymous said...

I agree with the above comment and would suggest that it may be the estrogen more than anything. I have high estrogen levels and, until I started using progesterone cream, I'm not sure I even made any progesterone during my cycle's second half and I've always had serious cramps, except the two cycles that I've been using the cream.

lo @ crazy ever after said...

Sorry for the rough period. :( I always seemed to get worst periods after all five of my IUIs. And so much heavier too. Hang in there. I am happy you get to try again. I think Jesse and I need to move to IL to get your amazing health insurance.

Aubrey said...

:(. I don't really remember significant back pain but my periods were always super heavy and just very uncomfortable after failed IVF cycles. Hang in there!! Xoxo

Elisha Kearns said...

I had some of the WORST cycles after each round of fertility treatments!! They were AWFUL!!!

Caroline said...

girl I'm so sorry!!!! I hope you get to feeling better and that you get to relax some this weekend xoxo

Catster! said...

It definitely sounds like the extra hormones made a difference. hope you're feeling better soon!
I read the advice you copied and pasted and just wanted to add my own advice too. My cycles are heavy and painful every month, but I've found that heat pads & heat pads actually make the bleeding worse and prolongs it. I spoke to a different doctor about it & she said anything whigh raises your temperature & blood pressure can make it worse. I was also told never to take nsaid drugs (ibuprofen, mefanamic acid, aspirin, diclofenac) as they temporarily affect hormone levels needed for fertility and by thinking the blood, can sometimes make bleeding worse.
Crossing everything for success for you in the near future xx