Sunday, January 5, 2014

Winter Break: Week 2 in Pics

12/29 - I started planning the baby nursery based around this beautiful blanket
we were given when Mike's Great Aunt Ruthie passed away about 7 years ago.
She did not make it for us, but it was found in her condo and we were the only
newly married couple on that side of the family. I want nothing more than
to use this in our future nursery.
12/30 - My close friend that lived in Coronado, CA for 4 years moved back to IL
a few months ago. She took the day off from her kids and came to my house to hang out.
She brought me these lovely scarves. She made them. Aren't they beautiful?!?!
Green is my FAVORITE color!!!

She remembered that purple used to be my favorite color back in high school.
Although green is now, purple will always be one of my favorites.
Amethyst is my birth stone. :)
The snow fell that night after she was home safe and sound.
It was a beautiful dusting. It came down from the sky like glitter. :)
12/31 - I spent New Year's Eve night at home with my honey. We watched the
movie The Heat. Then we played some games on the Wii. About 5 minutes until
midnight we switched to TV and watched the countdown and headed to bed.

1/1 - Dexter seasons 5-8 were added to Netflix that morning. We spent the
next two days watching this show. Love it! :)
The pretty snow begins. We got a lot of snow on the 1st and 2nd.
1/2 - Thank you new Illinois law for making me spend money that I don't really
have on buying bluetooth headsets for both me and my hubby.
1/3 - I tried a Pinterest project that was an epic fail. I used the oil based
Sharpie Pens and they bled when I sprayed the mug with the finishing spray.

I FINALLY received my new case for my iPhone and I LOVE it!
1/4 - I tried this again. This time I used a regular Sharpie marker. I baked it
twice and hand washed it. It didn't seem to fade. I really need to get some
porcelain pens for the next time I do something like this.
We celebrated Christmas with my godson, Connor and his sister Emma.
It was so nice spending time with them and our friends, Amy and Andy.
1/5 - Here we go again. We are getting a ton of snow. We are getting hit with
5 to 10 inches of snow today. Blah.
 Today we are just going to lay low and probably watch Dexter all day. We have no desire to go out in this weather. I'm hoping for a "cold day" (snow day) from work tomorrow. With the windchill it is supposed to be like -50 degrees tomorrow and into Tuesday. We have a teachers institute day tomorrow, so the kids aren't even coming to school. I guess the district is supposed to let us know if we are coming in or not. I hope not. It would be nice to have an extended winter break. Time went by too fast!

For those of you who live in warm weather states, ENJOY it! Have a great rest of your weekend everyone!


Ms DanL said...

I hope you get tomorrow off! I think we're going to have to go in (because CPS is open and we follow their lead).

Amie said...

I am in a really warm southeast Texas are but today it was like 23 degrees and although that is way warmer than what you are dealing with it's freezing to me! haha

Ashley Sanderson said...

YES! Dexter!! Kyle and I LOVE IT! :)

Risa said...

I love these pictures!!! Those scarves are adorable!