Sunday, January 26, 2014

Future Nursery=Painted

For 5 years I have had so many plans for a nursery. However, every time I found something I liked, it would become discontinued within a year. This makes it really hard to get started on a nursery before you're pregnant. I really enjoy putting a fresh coat of paint on the walls and have dreamed about painting the nursery for a long time. Mike hates painting, so I knew he would be okay with me painting (using a neutral color) before we get pregnant. :) I recently planned a gray and white chevron nursery (see: The Blank Canvas).  The pattern is not something that is hard to find and it is very popular! I expect it to be around for a very long time! With that being said, yesterday Mike and I picked up paint at Lowes and I taped off the trim and got to painting. I finished around noon today. Here are the before and after pictures.

Before: boring off-white walls
These are the curtains that I purchased to be able to match grays.
We went with the two darker shades of gray on the swatch.

After: Fresh coat of paint on the ceiling and walls. We did the wall to the left in the
darker gray and the rest of the walls in the lighter of the two.

 We like it, but we may decided to make the accent wall even darker. We will figure things out when we start putting together the nursery. If we have to change it then Mike will just have to paint this time! :)


Aubrey said...

LOVE! We are doing a gray and white nursery too :). I'm impressed with your painting skills!!

Caroline said...

So so awesome!! We have been talking about painting ours, we just need to do it! We are going to do gray too :) Can't go wrong with it! Love it!!!

Laura said...

Looks great! Having it painted already will be so nice! Love the curtains too.

Elisha Kearns said...

so awesome girlie!! I am also doing grey, white and a light yellow :)

JoJo said...

Love the colors. Nice job! Whenever I have to paint something my aunt loves to do it. Hahaha!