Monday, January 20, 2014

The Blank Canvas

I spent most of yesterday and some of today cleaning out and rearranging one of our spare bedrooms (the office room). Mike and I moved all of our exercise equipment into the room yesterday as well. It is now the office/exercise room. Now the larger of the two spare bedrooms is empty. :)

This is the view of our future nursery from the hallway. :) It's a blank canvas and I can't wait to start painting!
I'm hoping that scrubbing the carpet will fix the carpeting where the exercise equipment was.
 These are my ideas that are pinned on my "Baby Boy Nursery" Pinterest board:

These are my ideas that are pinned on my "Baby Girl Nursery" Pinterest board:
I am a HUGE fan of the book Oh, the Places You'll Go by Dr. Seuss. I am glad that we are going with this theme whether our future baby(ies) are a boy(s), a girl (s), or one of both! :)

I was told not to post my ideas so no one steals them, but I have proof by the date on this post that these were my ideas FIRST! ;)

C'mon, baby(ies)! We are getting ready for you! Please make your appearance later this year! FET in 9 days!!! :)


JoJo said...

How exciting! I'm happy you are putting everything together. What a way to be optimistic and telling your body it's going to happen.

Amanda said...

Love your optimism! Hope the FET is a success and that you can put the room to a good use soon!

Infertile625 said...

You need a third board titled "one of each". Get busy! :) j/k

Elisha Kearns said...

Oh I love the choices!! I can't wait to see the final product!

Ashley Sanderson said...

Your nursery is going to look wonderful! I think I need to make a board for each! Right now I have all of my ideas in ONE place! May need to do some organizing :)

Aislinn said...

I love your nursery themes! Sending good luck and vibes for your FET!