Saturday, December 7, 2013

The Missing Stork Blog

I have been working on something all day. I promise to update about mine and Mike's surgeries tomorrow.

As for what I have been working on, I think you will enjoy it. I have been a part of a Facebook support group for months now.  These women are awesome and some of them don't even have blogs. I had a thought last night to create a blog for our support group called The Missing Stork. I discussed this with the creator of the group, Teresa at Where the *Bleep* is Our Stork? to see what she thought. I thought that we could have multiple authors from the group and we could share our stories and advice. Since there is such a wide variety of infertility issues in our group, I feel that we all have so much to give. So, here is new our blog:

It will be an informational one stop shop for infertiles. Please follow our new blog! We have 6 different ways: on Blogger, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Email, or Instagram! :)


Aubrey said...

Such a great idea!! xoxo

Ashley Sanderson said...

Love this idea! Let me know if you ever need guest bloggers! :)