Sunday, December 1, 2013

Ornament Exchange

I participated in the Ornament Exchange that Teresa at Where the *Bleep* is Our Stork? is hosting. I was partnered up with Lisa at Our Journey to a Family of Four. I have been following Lisa for such a short time, but I am glad to have found her through this exchange. Her story gives me hope. :) Last year around this time Lisa found out that she was pregnant. She had TWINS in July...a boy and a girl! :) CONGRATS, Lisa!

Speaking of hope. I received my ornament from Lisa in the mail yesterday. I absolutely LOVE it! It came right after we set up our tree and put the ornaments I found the perfect place for it on the tree. It is in between our M & S ornaments and I think it looks perfect there! :)

 On the right wing of the butterfly it says "With hope, we find our wings." I love it. It's so perfect!

Thanks again, Lisa! :) I can't wait to get your ornament in the mail so I can get it right over to you! :)


wherethebleepisourstork said...

I love it! It is beautiful! I am so happy that you will have this to cherish! Lisa did a great job! And yes, it looks perfect where it is!

Can you email me a pic? I want to share these in a post after the holidays!

JoJo said...

Beautiful ornament. Something I would cherish forever with that MSG on it. Perfect place to put it at.

Aubrey said...

Such a beautiful and perfect ornament!!

Caroline said...

Love your new ornament :)

Lisa said...

Oh, you are SO welcome! It comes with so many good wishes and prayers for you too. Even though my babies are here, I'm not far removed from the pain, anxiety, and stress of infertility. I'm glad it could bring you hope!