Saturday, November 16, 2013

Update and Poll

I went in for lab work yesterday morning. I got a message from my nurse later in the day  telling me not to start meds. My estrogen and progesterone are too low. She put me on the schedule for 6am on Monday morning for repeat labs. They are hoping that my estrogen and progesterone will increase over the weekend. She said that we will have to do a Ganirelix protocol for our December FET (frozen embryo transfer). I don't know exactly what that means (if you do, please share). She said that we will talk more when I come in on Monday morning. I do know, however, that I HATE Ganirelix! The shots bruised my stomach. :( Boo.

On another that I am working with junior high students, and some of them know my first name (I write it on their referrals...and I worked with some of them when I worked for the YMCA), I am planning on changing the title of my blog (to get rid of my last name). I do not want them to search my name and find out any personal information about me. I already had some kids tell me that they were going to find me on Facebook. Thank God I changed that to my first and middle name years ago. :)

So, I really like the idea of using an idiom for the title that fits with our situation. I have a poll on the right hand side of my page under the "About us" and ticker. Please help us pick an new name by voting! Thanks so much and I hope all of you have a great rest of your weekends! :)


JoJo said...

I personally haven't heard of the ganirelix protocol but I do know tht it stops you from ovulating. Hope your labs show progress on Monday. I'm on sticking BCP before I can start meds. Seems like forever

Caroline said...

I didn't see the poll :(

Amie said...

I don't see the place to vote :( I am missing it somehow on your "about us" page?