Monday, November 25, 2013

Meeting w/ Doctor Re: FET

Just because my readers extend beyond other infertility blog authors and to my family and friends, I am going to start by explaining the acronyms that I am using in this post.

FET: frozen embryo transfer
BFP: big fat positive (pregnancy test)
IVF: in-vitro fertilization
AF: Aunt Flo (I've always had an issue with that saying because my mom's name is Florence...Flo for short. My cousins call her Aunt Flo. It's just weird. Haha.)
CD(#): cycle day

So, I got a call earlier today from the pharmacy out of New Jersey that I get my fertility meds from. I had already set up with them that they would send out my meds tomorrow for a Wednesday delivery. That is perfect because I have a 5 day weekend starting that day. :) The pharmacist was confused because they were going to be sending me Crinone (progesterone suppositories) and she had just received an order for progesterone oil. Boo. For those of you who don't know...progesterone oil is a my behind. I was hoping to do without those darn shots because I had heard nasty things about them. Of course Ashley @ Man and Wife and Two Fur Babies made it look so easy and pleasant with her smiley face in this post. ;) After talking to the doctor today, it sounds like progesterone oil helps make FET's more successful. Ok....shots it is. I will deal with the pain to get my BFP.

Like I just mentioned, I went in to talk to my doctor about the IVF fresh cycle and the upcoming FET earlier today. I had some questions and concerns for her about both procedures. Here is my list of questions for her and her answers:

Q: What were the grades of the first 2 embryos transferred?
A: 3-4. 4 is the highest grade possible.

Q: What are the grades of the remaining 3 embryos?
A: The same

She seemed very pleased with the amount of eggs retrieved, mature eggs, and the 5 embroys that are grades 3-4. She said that she feels that something must have been wrong with those 2 embryos that didn't implant. She made it sound a little better than I just did, but I trust her and I trust Chicago-IVF and I am certain that they will get me pregnant. :)

Q: How many embryos are going to be transferred for the FET?
A: Because of my age and my good health, they can only transfer 2. After 2 failed transfers, they can transfer 3. Of course....if all of them make it through thawing then we will have a lonely little embryo left. I forgot to ask if we would then do another egg retrieval and put that embryo with two new embryo. Do any other infertiles know?

Q: What if I don't start my cycle by next Monday (the date I am set to go in for baseline labs and an ultrasound)?
A: I am concerned about this because I am currently on CD23. I stop progesterone and estrogen meds on CD25 and SHOULD see AF before I go in. I am worried that I won't start my new cycle because I usually have longer cycles. My doctor is hopeful that I will start my new cycle. If I don't start it by then, we may have to push back the FET. :/

Q: With the holidays, when will the transfer be?
A: December 18th

Tomorrow I am set to go in to the clinic for a saline sonogram. I don't feel like typing up an explanation of what that is, so if you are interested, watch this video. :)

My nurse, Sandy, is fighting with my insurance provider because they are not wanting to cover the FET. I have Blue Cross Blue Shield, but it is through the Local (union), so it is a little different. They can review things and make certain decisions/calls. They only cover 1 IVF cycle, and count an FET as another cycle, even though it isn't. They may put it under the 1st transfer and cover it. We do not know for sure, but my nurse and the insurance lady at Chicago-IVF are dealing with it and said that they would keep me in the loop. If they don't cover it then they said that it would be $4800 for the transfer and $500 for the surgical center. I straight up told her that we can't afford that. I did explain to her that we are changing insurance at the 1st of the year, so I will have new and better IVF coverage.

So, fingers are crossed that BCBS covers my FET because I want my little Christmas present! :)


Ms DanL said...

I feel so fortunate that I have the Crinone. I've heard varying reports on the PIO injections. My fingers are crossed that the insurance situation gets worked out in your favor; we know that game all too well.

Caroline said...

Hope your sono goes well tomorrow!

Kailey Birkeland said...

Excited for you! Hoping you are blessed with the best Christmas present EVER! :)

shay said...

The PIO isn't so bad once you get used to it... it's literally just a pain in the ass. haha.

Do you use Mandell's Pharmacy? Not sure if you use them bc of coverage of your meds, but if you don't have Rx coverage my clinic (which is in NJ) told me to use Freedom Fertility Pharmacy in Boston bc its a bit cheaper... just FYI. :)

JoJo said...

Fingers crossed that your insurance covers ur FET cycle. Hoping you get your Xmas miracle. The PIO shots aren't that horrendous as Shay put it " they are just a pain in the Ass". GL!

Amie said...

Keeping you in my prayers girl!! I hope the insurance gets everything worked out so this all goes smoothly :)