Wednesday, August 28, 2013

NEWSFLASH! I Have A Beautiful Uterus!

I went in for baseline labs and an ultrasound this morning because my period came yesterday. That was unexpected because I should have ovulated about a week ago. First I was told that I have a beautiful uterus for like the one hundredth time. Ha ha. Then the nurse said "Oh!" and then called my nurse into the room to see what she was seeing. My follicles are still there! Weird. Needless to say, this cycle is canceled already and I was told to use a barrier or to not have intercourse at all for the next month. Also, my nurse wants me to skip these next two IUI's and go straight to IVF. She said that I am an over responder and that what she was seeing is what every woman wants their ovaries to do. That's a good thing. I am nervous about IVF, but SO ready for it! I was so ecstatic this morning that I almost teared up twice on the way to work. We are getting so close. I can feel it. Our appointment with the RE to discuss this is set for the morning of September 16th.

In other news, Mike and I finally broke down and had a DNA test done on our 3 year old male dog. We adopted him from Midwest Beagle Rescue, Education & Welfare in 2010. His mom was a 20 pound beagle. Mackey is 56 pounds. We knew that he must be mixed with a bigger dog. He is "built like a brick house" like Mike says. The DNA test came back that he is an American staffordshire terrier, basset hound, beagle mix. Our other pup is a beagle/basset hound mix, and he looks nothing like her. He's my cutie and I am so happy to actually know what he is instead of just guessing...or telling people that he is a beagle mix if they asked....which people ALWAYS do! After finding out about the AST part, I read about them and their personality matches his perfectly. Thank the Lord for a dog who actually wants to please his owners! The other dog is so independent and does not listen well at all...unless a treat is offered. :)

Saturday, August 24, 2013


Follistim worked too good for me this time. I went in for blood work and an u/s and on Monday morning. I got a call that afternoon from one of the nurses at Chicago-IVF. She said that my estrogen went thru the roof. She also said that I have 6 mature follicles, so they needed to cancel the cycle. There is too much of a chance of multiples which is dangerous. She said not to have intercourse until my new cycle starts. I thought: 3 weeks?! Really. Bummer. :/

Let's just say that we don't listen well. I got a new Chicago Bears outfit for Bear's Day and Mike actually finds comfy clothing sexy on me. Needless to say halftime was fantastic. LOL

So, I may have 6 babies in 9 months. Ha ha. Actually, I had EWCM on Tuesday/Wednesday. I decided to use an OPK to check ovulation on Thursday and I got a negative. So, I am not really worried about it.

Anyways, now I get to wait to start a new cycle and then start Follistim injections again. Hooray. :/

Have a great weekend, everyone!

Saturday, August 10, 2013

Dear Follistim Pen, I Have Not Missed You...

I have really enjoyed these last three months without having blood work done (what feels like almost every other day), taking fertility medication, trigger injections, and uncomfortable IUI's.

We are back at it now. I had an appointment on Friday for blood work and an ultrasound. I got the call last night that we are good to go. Unfortunately there was an issue with insurance, so I couldn't get the Follistim covered by insurance in time to start taking it. Then I called back last night to say that I was willing to pay the $315 if I could get reimbursed on Monday when it is covered. By then it was too late for them to send it with their driver to be delivered tonight. So, I had to take a 2.5 hour round trip drive to pick it up from the pharmacy this morning/afternoon. What a pain!

Tonight I started my Follistim injections. Grow follies, grow. My next appointment is on Wednesday.

Have a great rest of your weekend, everyone!

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Decade Dinner Date

Tonight is 10 years from the first night that Mike and I became "official" and had our first kiss. We decided to splurge, so we went to the only fine dining restaurant in the area. That was the most expensive dinner that we have ever had, but it was worth it because it is a very special day. Mike had a filet mignon and jumbo fried shrimp and I had a breaded pork chop stuffed with ham and pineapple. Yum. :) We splurged even more and he had a couple Coors Lite and I had Casanova wine. Double yum. :) It was a fabulous night

One Sixty Four North Fine Dining in Kankakee, IL
Enjoying my wine!
The love of my life!
The happy couple! :)
To make the night even more perfect, my husband (who now works where I used to) bought my favorite wine from a lady at work that sells wine as a side job. It is Moscato D'Asti. It has been a while since I have had that wine. Perfect perfect night. :) I love my husband. I love my life. :)