Saturday, July 20, 2013

Maximize Your Chances of Getting Pregnant

Clearblue Advanced Digital Ovulation Test finds your 4 most fertile days! Did you know that these even exist? I didn't until I was searching Amazon looking for the regular Clearblue Digital Ovulation Tests! They are $40 for 20 tests, but I surely don't mind spending the extra $16! I ordered mine and they will be here today! I can't wait to start using them! :) The video below shows you how it works and how to use it, but most of us infertiles already know how to use these things by now. :)

I have to laugh at the ending where she shows him the smiley face and he picks her up and walks away. I can't share those results with my husband because if he knows, then he feels too much pressure.

Today is CD12. I have been using the regular Clearblue Digital Ovulation Tests since Sunday (CD6 as directed). Last month my cycle was 39 days, so I assume that ovulation won't occur for awhile. According to my OvuView app on my phone, ovulation should occur around CD20. I am curious to see when it actually happens. This is more than likely our last time trying on our own before we finish up our last two IUI's and then move on to IVF if needed. Hopefully with my doctor cleaning out the small amount of endometriosis, we will have luck trying on our own. Fingers crossed!

Have a great weekend, friends!


Amie said...

I may have to invest in some of these myself, looks better than the ones I am using that just show a line. Also your new blog looks great!!

Mrs. Lost said...

They didn't work that great for me which sucked. I actually got a false positive one month which was verified with a progesterone test. I'm all jacked up though so hopefully they worked for you! :)