Sunday, June 2, 2013

Rough Week Followed By A Much Better One

Like I mentioned in the last post, Mike was laid off about a week and a half ago. Then last week we found out that his car needed $1500 worth of work done to it. There goes a big chunk of our savings. On top of that I didn't get a part-time instructional aide position in my district for summer school. The woman hired two aides who have been in the district longer and that have both worked this summer intervention program. Then I started to spot on Wednesday which was only CD 25....only 9 days after the IUI. I spotted for two days and since then it has been light. Definitely not a normal period. So, tomorrow I have to go in for the pregnancy test anyways (they have told me before that they want to make sure that there isn't a tubal pregnancy). I have to drive 2 hours round-trip for them to tell me that I am not pregnant. Blah.

That was a rough week. Then on Thursday I had an interview for before and after school care at our local YMCA. I was offered the job and accepted it that night. I still plan on applying for teaching jobs, but this is part of the back up plan. It doesn't start until next school year. I am hoping that I can get back in as a part-time instructional aide too. Then I could work both jobs. So, Friday morning I decided to ask the woman who is hiring me if she knows if they need any help with their summer camp program. She mentioned that they were looking for a camp counselor substitute. She forwarded on my information and another woman contacted me while I was at work on Friday. After playing phone tag I finally talked to her yesterday and it sounds like they are going to need me a lot. Tomorrow is the last day of school for the kids (half day) and then I am done with that job. After work I'm going to go fill out paperwork at the YMCA to be officially hired.The rest of the week I will be working at the YMCA Specialty Camp teaching Cooking from 8:30-3:30. This is funny because I am not much of a cook. :)

THEN I got a call Friday night and found out that I won a Splurge Party at my favorite clothing store, Maurices. I get to host a private shopping party on a Sunday after store hours with my friends. I get 30% off and they get 15% off on regular priced items. This doesn't seem like a lot, but they don't have sales often, so this is pretty good. I have this to look forward to at the end of July. At least I have some time to make some money and save to spoil myself! You just can't beat 30% off!

One more bit of good news which we aren't sure how it's going to pan out. Mike has an interview with the CEO tomorrow for a Building Maintenance position. My father is in charge of building maintenance at this large facility. He plans on retiring in a couple years, so he wants to get my hubby in to train him to take over for him. I know Mike wants to be an electrician, but we can't do multiple years of him being laid off. He is open to this new job, but it is an hour from home. On the bright side he can drive 25 minutes to my parents house and my dad can drive the rest of the way. When I worked for this company before I left for student teaching, I did this for 8 years, so it is doable. My mom also works there, so we would drive together.

So, yes....a crazy week and a half of ups and downs. I am not really sure how to feel about getting my period. I have actually handled it very well this week. We are going to take a break and just try on our own for awhile. I'm not sure when we'll seek help again, but I am sort of looking forward to not having to give myself shots and drive to the clinic every other day.

I hope everyone's having a great weekend!


Infertile625 said...

We are in such a similar boat! I work in a school as an interventionist but we have a meeting Monday to find out about how budget cuts will effect is. My husband has been laid off since Jan. it sucks. So tough. He's a marketing guy & the nature of his job is unstable which is pretty stressful. I pray every - no multiple times a day that he finds something. I will say a prayer that your hubby gets this stable job. Fingers crossed. Fingers crossed for lots O' things!

Amie said...

Sounds like such good news on the job front for both of you! My hubby drives 45mins to an hour to work each day and once you get used to it it's not so bad. It will be such a big help for him to only drive half :) The shopping sounds like just the fun you need right now. I will keep you guys in my prayers that things will fall into place nicely for you.

Aislinn said...

Congratulations on the Maurices party and getting the job at the YMCA! You'll have to post what recipes you're cooking. I also nominated you for an award on my blog :D

Em said...

So glad to hear that there have been bright spots in the midst of a tough time. Hoping they get brighter and brighter!