Monday, March 25, 2013


I was wrong about when I thought that I would be given the ok to trigger. When I went in last Wednesday my follicles hadn't responded to the Clomid this time, so they did an add back of Clomid and I just finished that last night. This morning I went in for labs and an ultrasound and I had a follicle at 21mm (the follicles 18-19mm the last two times). This is the biggest one that I have had thus far. :) Apparently my estrogen is at 341. That is the first time they have given me a number for my estrogen, so I don't know what to compare it to. I trigger tonight and we go in Wednesday morning for IUI #3. People keep saying that the third times a charm. Hope that's true. If not, I moved my appointment with the RE to April 15th. We'll figure out what's next....if we need to!


Kailey Birkeland said...

Hoping the 3rd time IS the charm!! Can't wait to hear the good news! We are on our third cycle with clomid/IUI too!! I hope we both get our BFPs this month!!! :)))

Amie said...

This is so exciting, maybe this will be the lucky one for ya'll!!

Em said...

Saying a prayer that this is IT!