Monday, March 4, 2013

I Had To Laugh When I Saw This

The nurses at Chicago-IVF told Mike not to let me take any pregnancy tests before I go in for the pregnancy test on Friday. Mike thought about it on Saturday and made me give him my last pregnancy test. After telling him where it was, he grabbed it and then went into his bathroom. I heard the cabinet door under his sink close. Not very stealth, Mike.

Today he is working and I am not. I went under his sink and sitting in plain site is the very last pregnancy test in the house (pictured to the left).

Now here is the question for you I take the pregnancy test or not? Today is 10 DPO. I have read that it is the earliest time that people have seen positive results with an AHPT. It would be PERFECT to find out if we are pregnant today since it is our anniversary. On the other hand, it might ruin my mood if it comes back negative. Plus, I know that Mike would be mad if I took it. I guess I will just continue on wondering during this 2WW. This is the longest two weeks ever! :(

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