Saturday, March 2, 2013

AWESOME Marriage Proposal

A friend of mine posted this on Facebook with the caption "This guy is making the rest of us look bad. Knock it off!!" It is so true though. Ha ha. My husband proposed to me in the hallway of our apartment at the time. He said some "short but sweet" words and got down on one knee. The way he did it was very HIM, so I wouldn't trade it for anything. He may not be one of those romantic guys who puts a lot of thought into dates and holidays and what not, but he is my guy. He loves me unconditionally and expresses his love to me daily. That is all that matters in my book. :)

I also saw this gender reveal video for this couple. Very cute. Thought I would share it in case any of you need an idea on how to reveal the gender of your future baby. :)

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