Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Another Year Older

Yesterday was my 31st birthday. This is the first time in 8 years that I have worked on my birthday. Maybe that is because overall I like my job and I only work 4 hours a day. :) There was a "rainout" on Mike's job, so he was home when I got home. What a pleasant surprise! :) We pretty much just chilled for a few hours and watched TV/Netflix and then my parents picked us up and we went out for some Chinese food. Yum. :) Then back home for more TV. :) I love relaxing birthdays. It was a good day overall.

I am still not enjoying that I am in my 30's. I had a really hard time with 30 last year. I am starting to accept my 30's, but I always thought that I would be done having kids (or at least started) by the time that I turned 30. Not so much. Ugh. Oh well. I told my mom last night that I am almost the age that she was when she had me (her third and final child). I just feel like I should be a mom by now. I want to have energy for my children and I feel like I am losing a little bit of energy each year. Heck...I will be 40 in 9 years! Ugh. With how fast time flies....that is SCARY! :( Anyways, happy birthday to me! I am going to make the best out of being 31 and hopefully my dreams of being a mommy will come true this year so I can actually feel like I am in my 30's. :)

Sunday, February 24, 2013

IUI #2

Friday (2/22) morning was the date of our second IUI. My husband went in and did his part at 9am and then we did breakfast afterwards like we did before. This time we went to Baker's Square because Mike thinks that if we went to the same restaurant then we would get the same (negative) results that we did last time. He’s a little superstitious. :) We got back to Chicago-IVF at 10:30 for the IUI.

One of the first things the nurse said to me is that she had great news. Mike's sperm count was 5.5 million (it was about 2.5 million last time) and the motility was 92% (it was 76% the last time). We were so happy to hear this. So…the nurse (who I believe is newer) started with the IUI. She had troubles with the catheter and ended up having to pull it out…and the speculum and she went to get my favorite nurse. It turned out that the catheter head was flimsy and they just needed to replace it. I can’t believe how long this procedure took this time and how much pain I was in. I am not interested in going thru all of that again. I just have to keep telling myself that it will be worth it in the end.

This time we followed up the IUI with intercourse the next morning (yes…I was still ovulating). We didn’t do this last time. In the time I was ovulating, we only had the IUI last month. So I am hoping that we have twice (or three times since his numbers were higher) the chance of getting pregnant this time. I hope so because I found the cutest pregnancy announcement for Easter on Pinterest! :)

2 days down, 12 to go until the pregnancy test. Right now I am just told to take my estrogen pills (to thicken the lining of the uterus) and use the progesterone gel until I go in for the pregnancy test on March 8th. 

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Auntie Stephi and Lukas Time

My brother called me today and was very sick. He was so miserable and could not stand for long, so he wanted me to come take care of my nephew, Lukas, until my sister-in-law was home from work. Good thing I live 5 minutes away and was home from work by then.

I had a blast taking care of him. He is the cutest little guy in the entire world. I can't wait to have one of my own. :) Speaking of that...trigger injection tonight and IUI #2 is on Friday!

Monday, February 18, 2013

Spring Is In The Air

Today I felt like being crafty, so my friend Michele and I took a trip to Hobby Lobby and I picked up some supplies to make a spring door decoration for my front door. We got back to my house and began crafting.While I worked on this, Michele worked on some stuff for her Etsy store The Grape Goddess.

This only took me about 10 minutes to put together and it turned out beautiful! It's even prettier in person than the picture! Michele said that she wants to go pick up the stuff and make one for herself now! :)

She also mentioned that I should make door decorations and sell them on Etsy. I am thinking about it, but not sure that I will follow through with it. It would be nice to have something to keep me busy and keep my mind off of this fertility stuff. I am just thinking that people would rather make them themselves since it is pretty easy. Of course there are lazy people out there. :) Would you buy one?

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

IUI #1 = BFN

On Friday I went in for the pregnancy test and I received the dreaded phone call later that day from the RE telling me that I am not pregnant. I had been telling myself that I was not pregnant in hopes that I wouldn’t be as sad if I got that phone call. Of course my eyes teared up as I listened to the voice mail. When I got home I told my husband and started to tear up again. It was nice that he was home to give me a big, long hug. Time for another round. :/ My menstrual cycle began on Sunday. Yesterday I went in for labs and an ultra sound. The RE rasied my dosage of Clomid to 150 mg and I start that on Thursday. Welcome back, hot flashes! Ugh.

Monday, February 4, 2013


A couple nights ago I had a dream that the cords on the blinds in the bedroom started flying around in circles. It freaked me out, so I tried to get out of bed, but this force was holding me down. I tried to scream and nothing came out. I was glad to have woken from that dream at that point.

Last night I had a dream that I foresaw this murderer killing his victims. Later on in the dream I was with a group of people in this building and the murderer walked past us with a bike. As he was parking his bike around the corner, I whispered to the people that I was with that they needed to run. I took off myself, running down the alley. Neighbors dogs were barking at me. Then I jumped over a few fences and into my own yard. I got to the door and opened it, got in, and locked the bottom lock. I yelled for Mike and got no response, so I grabbed my phone to call 911. The only problem was that I didn’t know the address of the location he was at. Then I remembered that I didn’t lock the top lock to the door, so I went back to it. I looked thru the peep hole and it was black (like someone had their hand over it). Then the doorknob started to jiggle. With all of the adrenaline rushing through me, I locked the top lock and proceeded to call 911. Then I woke up.

These dreams are not fun to have. So…like with every little symptom, I get on Google and try to link it to pregnancy. I read online that the increase in hormones (progesterone in particular) causes the scary/vivid dreams. I am not banking on the fact that I am pregnant….especially since (at least for this last dream) I am using Crinone.

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Wanting Identical Cousins

I went in for labs on Friday and found that my progesterone level was lower than they would like it to be, so I am currently using Crinone (progesterone gel) every morning until I go in for the pregnancy test on Friday. I am being very pessimistic about this round and I am not really sure why. I think it was a bad idea to take an at home pregnancy test already. I know that it is still too early to detect the hCG, but seeing "Not Pregnant" on the HPT is very disappointing nonetheless. 

I also recently found out that my sister is 8 weeks pregnant. Even though I am extremely happy for her, I am really depressed that I am not and I want it even more than I did before now. long as my sister and I have wanted babies, we have wanted to be pregnant at the same time. We both want little girls so they can be best friends like my sister and I are. I am just hoping for good news on Friday and will try not to be upset if it isn't the news that we want to hear.