Monday, December 10, 2012

Planning Christmas Traditions! ツ

I know I am getting my hopes up, but how can I help it?! Now that we are officially going to see the fertility doctor, I keep thinking about how this time next year we could have a little one. I keep thinking about how fun Christmas will be when we have children. I am creating all of these Christmas traditions in my head (and on Pinterest).

Tradition #1 Advent Calendar: I just purchased 25 Christmas books. I will wrap all 25 and on December 1st, we will unwrap a book a night and I will read the books to our child(ren). I am a teacher's assistant this year and I am running the Scholastic Book orders. With the points that I accumulated and the coupons that I received, I got all the books for under $50.

Tradition #2 The Elf on the Shelf: I am having so much fun watching the kindergartners excitement when they look for Jingle (our Elf on the Shelf) every day when they come in. I HAD to buy our very own. I also purchased the movie to go along with it. I have been pinning fun ideas on Pinterest for this as well.

I can't help my excitement about the thought of starting a family. I just hope that things go smoothly and pray for a healthy pregnancy. Here's to hoping and praying that 2013 is the year! ツ

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Megan said...

I cannot wait to do the elf on the shelf either!