Tuesday, August 7, 2012

I was really hoping for a Shades of Grey baby. Fail.

My husband and I have unsuccessfully been TTC on and off for 4 years. Not for lack of trying. My sister is convinced that I have the same issue that my mom had that just required her to have surgery to unblock her fallopian tubes. I am hoping that is all. Insurance covers the consultation, tests to figure out what the problem is, hormonal treatments, and 1 cycle of In Vitro. I am hoping we don't even have to worry about InVitro.

Why have we waited 4 years to get checked out? Well....mainly one big reason. My husband, Mike, had been going through an electrician apprentice program for the past 5 years and I had been working on my bachelors degree in Elementary Education. We were DYING to start a family, so we figured "if it happens, then it happens"....but we also thought that it would be best to finish our schooling. Well....we both finished our schooling late spring/earlier summer. We were hoping that when our stress went away, we would conceive. Eh. Wrong. We have been trying and still nothing.

With that being said, I got on the phone with our insurance company today to find out what they cover and I called the OBGYN to set up an appointment to get started on finding out what the problem is. We have an appointment for the 14th and I cannot wait. We both want this so badly and we are tired of waiting. We aren't getting any younger.

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