Sunday, May 21, 2017

I Have Been Gone too Long...So Here's an Update

Wow. I have been MIA since January?! A lot has happened, so this will be a decent update!

Well, Jordan's surgery came and went and I failed to do a post about it. He did fantastic though and he is all better now! :)

So, life has been crazy busy lately. In September I started my master's program and I am almost halfway through it. I am one week into the 5th class out of 10 classes. Each class is 8 weeks long. I really look forward to being done with this one because we get about a month break after it. I will need that break because I will be so incredibly busy coming up here really soon.

In late March, Mike and I decided to put our house up for sale. We had talked with his mom about renting one of her houses that she is thinking of selling anyways. Her and her fiance agreed to it. It is a beautiful house in a beautiful area, but our goal was to be out by the time Jordan goes into kindergarten because the school district is not good anymore (it is the same district that I was in K-12). Our first step was to paint almost all the rooms and some other areas and replace the side door, so from April 6th-early may, my mornings started at 4:30am with a large cup of coffee and a paintbrush in hand. When we were getting close to listing it, our realtor asked if she could show our house to her brother who was already in negotiations with another property. He loved our house and decided to put in an offer. We got want we absolutely wanted for the house. We've gone through the inspection and had/have a few minor things to do. The appraiser will come out this week, so we are crossing our fingers because we went on the higher end of the comps when we decided on a price. So, next month I will be packing 11 years of our lives up into boxes and we will be moving some stuff into a large storage locker and some into my MIL's house.

Mike and I really just wanted to move once, so a few weeks ago we went through the pre-approval for a loan and started looking at homes in northwest Indiana. We saw one house and for the price, we were extremely disappointed. I did a little bit of looking new construction homes and now we are leaning that way. We went to see one last weekend and then sat down with someone yesterday to price out everything we would need and structural things that we would want and couldn't change in the future. We discussed it thoroughly last night and decided to build this beauty later this year/early next year when the next phase starts. We are so excited. It is 1,800 square feet. The main level will have a large powder room and an open concept kitchen/dining room/great room. The upstairs level will have: a master bedroom with a walk in closet and master bathroom, 2 additional bedrooms, a bathroom, a laundry room, and a loft area, We decided to make it a 2.5 car garage and get the full basement. It is everything we want for our forever home. <3 Here are some pictures....

We will not be getting the beautiful (but pricey flooring), the fireplace, or the island because we are trying to keep the cost down. We can make changes in the future as needed. This home was built in another subdivision, so the one we will be building in will give us a lot that is 30 feet wider, so we will not be as close to the neighbors as this one is. We never thought we'd be able to get into a house like this, so we are beyond excited about it! :)

Back to the reason this blog exists....

Jordan turned two on April 9th. He is such a joy.

*He is talking so much. He says a lot of 2-3 word sentences. He still babbles some, but it is amazing how many words he knows.
*He's still obsessed with modes of transportation: cars, trucks, trains, boats, and planes. One or more of those words are usually the first things he says every morning. :)
*He is still in diapers, but I started introducing him to the potty at about 18 months. At first I would put him on the potty before baths. Now, I put him on there when I am changing his diaper (unless it's a poopy diaper). He looks down until the pee starts coming out and then he looks up at me and has a big smile on his face. We are going to work on potty training completely this summer.
*He is 36 inches tall and 28.5 pounds. He's in the 90th percentile for height and 50th for weight. (This is all as of April 10th)

Here are some of his 2 year pictures.

I don't know how many of you with little ones watch Sprout, but that's pretty much all we have because we refuse to pay a lot for cable and the upgraded package has Nick Jr. and Disney Jr. Well, we submitted his picture and a birthday wish and they aired it. Here is the video of the birthday wish and Jordan's reaction:

I think that is all for now. I will try to post more this summer since summer break starts June 1st! 7 more days left of THE HARDEST year of my teaching life so far!

I'm going to try to catch up on reading some blogs while little man is still sleeping. Have a great Sunday, everyone!

Sunday, January 1, 2017

First Surgery in the Works

On Wednesday, I took Jordan in to the doctor for the 2nd time in two weeks. A couple weeks ago he was throwing up and ended up with a stomach bug. This time, he got a fever on Christmas night and it lasted until Wednesday morning. I took him in to the doctor on Wednesday morning and it ended up that he just had another virus. There was nothing I could do for him other than keep alternating Ibuprofen and Tylenol. Luckily, his fever went away (that day) and stayed away. While there, I asked the nurse practitioner about a bulge in his groin. She said that it looked like a mild hernia. The next day, I took him for an ultrasound at the hospital. He started off being really good for the ultrasound, but then he got really upset and started crying. Overall, he did really well though. 

He does indeed have a hernia. It was hard seeing him so upset for just an ultrasound. I can't imagine how hard it will be for them to take him away from us for surgery. :( We are going through Lurie's Childrens Hospital in Chicago for the surgery. We have a consultation on Monday, the 9th and then we will schedule the surgery. I hope everyone's New Years is off to a better start than ours!

Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Finally Using my Head for Once

I am the worst blogger. Seriously. I am lucky if I find time to post once a month. The school year is always busy...especially until evaluations are over with. On top of that, I'm in an online master's program. It consumes a lot of my time. The only reason that I am even posting right now is because I took the day off to be with my sick baby boy and he is napping.

Everything is great here. We are just enjoying our favorite time of the year (other than fall). We've made a big life decision (AGAIN) recently. My school district is changing insurance again and this time to Blue Cross Blue Shield which is AWESOME and accepts my fertility clinic. I think I mentioned it already, but a couple months ago we thought we were done and discarded our 3 remaining embryos. Well, we figured we would go through the whole process of IVF again. I had talked with my principal and even had an appointment set up with my doctor. 

One morning I was in the shower (where I do my best thinking) and came to the realization that we need to be done. We are so blessed to have Jordan and we want a good life for both him and us. Having another child meant staying in our current house for much longer than we both want. Our area is not getting any better and we want to get Jordan into a family friendly area with great schools (don't all parents). We also don't want to be living paycheck to paycheck. We want to save and vacation with our little guy. We want to give him great experiences. We have good paying jobs, but my student loan debt will forever ruin us. The smartest decision is just to be happy with the blessing we already have....and we are. With that being said, the appointment that I had has been cancelled and we are looking at possibly putting our house on the market next year.

We are still looking to move to northwest Indiana. The main problem is that it is an hour and a half away from my job. I'm currently working on getting an Indiana teaching license though. I would love a new house, but because we want to be close to downtown Valparaiso (and those houses in the area are older), we may end up getting a fixer upper. Cue the Pinterest farmhouse pins.

Let me just end my post with pictures of my loves of my life on our first snowfall of the season a few days ago! :)

Oh....and Jordan's awesome dance moves from my uncle's wedding a couple weekends ago...

Thursday, October 13, 2016

Pics From Our Fall Trip

We went on our annual trip to northern Wisconsin this past weekend and this time with brought with my father in law (who has been attending the same family camp for 50 years). Jordan LOVED playing outdoors and 95% of the time he had a stick in his hand. It was a great weekend. We got there a week ago and came back on Monday. It has been hard adjusting to being back to reality. :(